#17 DAOSquare Community Call - 20220102

#17 DAOSquare Community Call - 20220102

Time: Jan 2, 20:00 ~ 20:30(UTC+8)

Venue: Daosquare Discord #Voice Chat, via DAOSquare


20:00 ~ 20:15 DAOSquare’s Progress and Next Steps)

20:15 ~ 20:30 (Free Discussion)

DAOSquare’s Progress and Next Steps


We held our second regular meeting on Saturday, including:

Discussion of guidelines

The improvement of the governance manual, such as the submission ID of the proposals, and the voting and notification rules, will be announced to the community once completion.

Voting for the Twitter activity voting in progress

The special communication channel between the community and the cafeteria is in progress

The change of the Saturday DJ event duration needs to collect community suggestions

Establish a special document to record the discussion results and opinions

Communication content: #3 proposal, governance NFT, DKP3, contribution rules

DAOSquare community Events

The Christmas Twitter event organized by the Community has been successfully completed and has now entered the voting stage of the community cafeteria, which can be viewed on the discord #townhall channel;

Held Christmas and New Year’s music radio party special events respectively;

The family call is upgraded, and community members are welcome to speak and participate in the discussions. Community members who speak and those who ask high-quality questions have the opportunity to get DKP4 rewards.


Completed 2021 DAOSquare Review,available at: DAOSquare 2021 回顾. 如果你是我们的同 DAO… | by Emily | Jan, 2022 | DAOSquare

(Typto also shared his own personal summary), 2021 is a year of harvest, 2022 continue to rush;

Internal testing of vesting and NFTSquare is currently undergoing by the Guild;

Weekend event–Family Call invites community members to actively participate in speaking and sharing


The first MVP version of the Vesting module is progressing well.

We have more accurately defined the Vesting issuance function of the Vesting module. Due to the innovative design of the NFT and Vesting quotas, there are many new developments, including the batch casting, issuance and indexing functions of the NFT, which are done to prevent the issuer from doing evil. Recycling and revoking restrictions, quota verification for fraud prevent etc. These functions will be gradually iterated in subsequent versions.

:hatching_chick: Incubation

MuseX is progressing well and makes us exciting. Expected to be online in January

A web3 infrastructure component project has been signed and completed the capital injection. Once the project team announce it recently, we will discuss how to experiment with DKP

A certain Web3 project has passed review and is helping them to optimize the product

A financial fund project is under scheduling.

Free Discussion, Q/A

Free discussion and Q&A

Members whose Christmas Twitter entries make it to the voting stage will receive a commemorative NFT

#3 proposal: RICE distribution will be made public with a new distribution table

Governance NFT: solutions for members who have been kicked out for their misdeeds will need to be communicated to the technical team

On-chain governance: external governance tools such as DAOhaus will be considered in the early stages, perhaps migrating to the incubator’s governance module at a later stage

Community contribution rewards

Rewards: DKP4, DKP3

Quantitative classification:

5 contribution dimensions: sharing in #Growing , answering questions in the community , initiating/participating in discussions, making suggestions, being active

Two task items: community management, community canteen coordination

Quantitative calculation: Each category is divided into 5 or 10 levels, each of which corresponds to a certain number of DKP4s. The number of DKP4s earned by a member in a month is aggregated according to the member’s actual situation. The number of DKP4s is then calculated in a ratio of 10:1.

Rewarding Principles:


Enthusiasm is also considered

Promote the globalization of communities: Community as a root, content as a carrier, product as a driver to strengthen inter-community collaboration.


时间:1月2日 20:00 ~ 20:30(UTC+8)

会议平台:Discord #Voice Chat


20:00 ~ 20:15 DAOSquare近期工作进展及未来计划

20:15 ~ 20:30 自由讨论

:muscle:t2: 治理

DAOSquare 社区食堂治理









DAOSquare 社区活动


分别举办了圣诞和新年music radio party 特别活动;

family call升级,欢迎社区成员发言,参与探讨,发言的小伙伴和优质提问的小伙伴有机会拿到DKP4奖励。


完成了2021年DAOSquare Review DAOSquare 2021 回顾. 如果你是我们的同 DAO… | by Emily | Jan, 2022 | DAOSquare


Guild 目前正在进行vesting 和NFTSquare的内测;

周天活动family call 邀请广大社区成员积极参与发言分享




:hatching_chick: 孵化工作

MuseX 正常推进中,账户逻辑令人兴奋。预计一月份上线

某 web3 基础组件项目已签约并完成注资,等项目方近期发公告之后我们讨论如何用 DKP 来实验一下

某 Web3 任务项目已过会,正在帮助他们打磨产品




#3提案:RICE 的分配会做新的分布表进行公示

治理 NFT:存在作恶行为的成员被踢出后的解决方案需要与技术团队沟通

链上治理:前期会考虑采用外部治理工具,例如 DAOhaus,后期或许可以迁移至孵化器的治理模块




5个贡献维度:Growing 分享、回答社区问题、发起/参与讨论、提出建议、活跃度


量化计算:每一个类别分为 5 或者 10 个级别,每一个级别对应一定数量的 DKP4。根据成员的实际情况汇总该月成员获得的 DKP4 的数量。然后以 10: 1 的比例计算相应的 DKP3 的数量。