#19 DAOSquare Community Call - 20220130

Time: Jan 30, 20:00 ~ 20:30(UTC+8)
Venue: Daosquare Discord #Voice Chat, via DAOSquare
20:00 ~ 20:15 DAOSquare’s Progress and Next Steps
20:15 ~ 20:30 (Free Discussion)

DAOSquare’s Progress and Next Steps

DAOSquare Community Canteen Governance
WhaleDAO’s interviews with community cafeteria members will be published in three issues, the first of which is now available https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/aOleTqKpORuSxvIPwsIQzg

Proposal on Music Radio Party has been voted and passed.

An AMA event is being scheduled already.

DAOSquare community Events
The Chinese New Year Red Packet event and the 5th day of the Chinese New Year event will be held on DKP.land and can be redeemed with a certain number of DKP points.

Updated the criteria for participation in the Music Radio Party: 1) with RICE roles; 2) Discord level 5 or above.

Conducted the 18th family call with the topic: Bear Market Survival Guide, and uploaded the video to Youtube for your viewing pleasure.
The official website of DAOSquare will be updated after the Chinese New Year Holidays.

Updates to the community mechanism will be announced after the Chinese New Year Holidays…

A new DAOscape project has been set up, which will communityise the product through a task system.


The first version of the Vesting Module has been developed on both ends of the product and is being optimised in details. We plan to start close alpha testing after the Chinese New Year Holidays. After that we will start the second phase of Vesting development.

For the Incubator product design, we are looking for a more combinable product architecture that can be adapted to different incubation/investment scenarios. Therefore some new adjustments will be made to the architecture. It will not affect the progress of Incubator, and the use scenarios will be more enriched after the modules are extracted, which is more in line with the tool attributes of WEB 3.0.

It is expected that the NFT trading market will be launched after the the Chinese New Year Holidays, and will cooperate with the Vesting module to link other modules to guarantee the use of equity-based NFT. The trading market supports multiple chains and will allow more applications, including MuseX and others.

:hatching_chick: Incubation

MuseX: progressing normally, in the first stages of development, aiming to go live in February.

A task system project: helping them to optimise the product, which will be used at DAOSquare, and also can be used to interact with Discord, and the task system will be embedded into the contribution channel.

A Web3 infrastructure project: the contract and payment has been completed and we need to wait for an further announcement from the project. Expected in February.

An NFT project: waiting for share determination.

A previously invested project: appointment to discuss next round of funding.

Free Discussion, Q/A

Red packets as discussed above will be claimable if any community members meets the corresponding DKP conditions, first come, first serve.

时间:1月30日 20:00 ~ 20:30(UTC+8) 会议平台:Discord #Voice Chat DAOSquare
20:00 ~ 20:15 DAOSquare近期工作进展及未来计划 20:15 ~ 20:30 自由讨论
:muscle:t2: 治理
DAOSquare 社区食堂治理
Whale DAO 采访社区食堂成员的文章将分为三期发布,现已发布第一期https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/aOleTqKpORuSxvIPwsIQzg
投票通过了Music Radio Party 的相关提案


DAOSquare 社区活动

策划了农历新年红包活动以及初五迎财神抢红包活动,活动将在DKP.land 上进行,拥有一定的DKP 积分可以兑换相应的红包;
更新了Music Radio Party 活动的参与门槛:1,持有RICE身份;2,在discord level5 以上。
进行了第18次 family call,分享主题为:熊市生存指南,并已经将视频上传了Youtube,可供大家查看;





Vesting Module的第一版本已完成两端的产品开发,正在进行细节优化。我们计划在节后开始进行close alpha的测试。在此之后会开始Vesting 第二阶段开发。


预计节后上线NFT交易市场,将配合Vesting模块链接其他模块保障权益类NFT的使用。交易市场支持多链,将服务更多的应用使用,包括MuseX 等。

:hatching_chick: 孵化工作



某 Web3 基础设施项目:签约及付款已完成,需要等项目方公告。预计2月份。

某 NFT 项目:等待份额确定。



红包满足相应的DKP条件即可领取, 数量有限,先到先得。

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