#23 DAOSquare Community Call - 20220327

Time: Mar 27, 20:00 ~ 20:30(UTC+8)

Venue: Daosquare Discord #Voice Chat, via https://discord.gg/34GVwKPPHJ


20:00 ~ 20:15 DAOSquare’s Progress and Next Steps

20:15 ~ 20:30 (Free Discussion)

DAOSquare’s Progress and Next Steps


DAOSquare Community Cafeteria Governance

  • Draft new DKP pathway under editing
  • On-chain voting test completed
  • Discussion on proposal to hide DKP4 and DKP5

DAOSquare Community Events

  • The deployment of the new community mechanism has been completed, including community identity NFT redeeming, Discord channel setting, and all the information of DAOSquare are sort out systematically, whether it is for new or existed community members who want to know more about DAOSquare, they can be found in a series of boardcasts. Besides, the operation logic and rules of the community mechanism are also explained in detail to the community in the last Family Call;
  • The earn-dkp channel is specially set up for the community newcomers, which can be used to earn DKP3 to quickly enable them community members;
  • We have applied for exclusive POAPs for different roles of the community, including Passport, Cafeteria, and Matrix. Currently, some community members are developing POAP distribution robots, the POAP could be distributed to everyone after the development is completed;
  • WhaleDAO organized two AMA events in the community;
  • Snapshot, a voting tool on the community canteen chain, has been tested and announced; https://snapshot.org/#/community.daosquare.eth
  • IQ’s NFT exchange test is in progress, and once everything is ready we will start the NFT redeeming.


  • Whale DAO Vision: Committed to helping high-quality projects around the world build ecosystems in China.
  • Whale DAO is a subDAO of DAOSquare. It is an organization specializing in helping overseas projects to carry out PR. The work includes: community building and operation, organizing activities, content output, etc. At present, the main focus is on the Chinese ecosystem and will expand to Asia and the global ecosystem in the later stage. The currently operating projects include: Aragon, LUNA, API3, BrightID, Ceramic, etc.
  • WhaleDAO is a self-financing organization of DAOSquare. Before that, WhaleDAO staff and business were relatively closed. After more than 2 years of development, it has been recognized by users and customers and accumulated rich work experience, so we decided to start a open WhaleDAO from next week. It will be fully opened. 1. The business is open: it can undertake more excellent overseas projects to build China’s ecology. 2. The team is open: any member of DAOSquare can join Whale DAO
  • WhaleDAO work tasks will be released through dework, and all the contributors will receive payments after completing the tasks. In addition to maintaining its own operating expenses, all other expenses of Whale DAO’s income will be distributed to participating contributors.
  • WhaleDAO payments standard and operation manual will be announced on the forum.


  • The Incubator is making steady progress.

:hatching_chick: Incubation

  • MuseX will be online around the beginning of April
  • After MuseX goes online, the internal test will be opened, and it will be gradually opened later
  • IQ Protocol will start an event at DKP next week. IQ Protocol will hold an AMA on DAOSquare soon

Free Discussion, Q/A

Q: What is the purpose of WhaleDAO now, and does it need a large number of projects? There are so many projects, how can we guarante these projects , because if it is endorsed by WhaleDAO, when there is a problem with the project, will it damage the reputation of WhaleDAO?

A: The projects that Whale DAO accepts are not based on quantity. They will select high-quality and high-quality projects based on multi-dimensional judgments to help them build an ecosystem in China. Put an end to the impact on the reputation of Whale DAO

Q: What are the current investment and research teams of DAOSquare?

A: At present, it is divided into two parts. Whale DAO has a special person in charge. DAOSquare, as an incubator, has a special team in charge. The investment and research direction is overseas high-quality projects. More experienced partners are welcome to join.

Q: How to increase visibility and influence?

A: It needs to be constructed from various aspects to focus on the DAOSquare business. The improvement of influence is determined by the business performance. Whether DAOSquare can build an excellent investment tool for WEB 3.0, and whether it can be recognized and used by more people. Whether the invested project can be recognized by people, DAOSquare increases its popularity and influence by building a good ecology.

Q: Are there conditions for Whale DAO recruitment? Will there be relevant training?

A: Any member of DAOSquare can join the WhaleDAO. The meeting plans to organize sharing sessions and knowledge manuals.

Q: Whale DAO’s revenue stream?

A: WhaleDAO acts as a service provider and will recieve payments in USDT or USDT + specific tokens for these project.

Conference video playback link( in Chinese)



时间:3月27日 20:00 ~ 20:30(UTC+8)
会议平台:Discord #Voice Chat https://discord.gg/34GVwKPPHJ


20:00 ~ 20:15 DAOSquare近期工作进展及未来计划
20:15 ~ 20:30 自由讨论

:muscle:t2: 社区

DAOSquare 社区食堂治理




DAOSquare 社区活动

  • 社区新机制部署完成,包括社区身份NFT兑换,Discord频道设置,系统的梳理了DAOSquare所有的信息,不管是对于新进社区的伙伴,还是对于想了解DAOSquare的社区成员,都可在boardcast 的一系列频道逐步了解到各种信息,并在上次family call再次为社区详细的讲解了社区机制的运行逻辑,规则;
  • 专门为社区新人频道设置了earn-dkp 频道,可用来赚取DKP3,打通了新人快速成为社区成员的通道;
  • 为社区持有身份的成员申请了专属POAP,包括Passport,Cafeteria,Matrix,目前有社区小伙伴正在开发POAP分发机器人,开发完成即可为大家发放;
  • WhaleDAO的小伙伴在社区进行了两次AMA活动;
  • 社区食堂链上投票工具Snapshot 已经测试完成,已经公告;https://snapshot.org/#/community.daosquare.eth
  • IQ的NFT兑换测试进行中,一切准备就绪可以开启兑换。

Whale DAO

Whale DAO愿景:致力于帮助世界各地的高质量项目在中国建立生态系统。

Whale DAO为DAOSquare下属子DAO,专门帮助海外项目进行PR的机构,工作内容包括:社区构建运营、组织活动、内容输出 等。目前主要聚焦在中国生态后期会扩展到亚洲及全球生态,目前运营的项目有:Aragon,LUNA,API3,BrightID,Ceramic 等。

Whale DAO为DAOSquare自收自支的组织,在此之前Whale DAO人员及业务相对封闭,经过2年多的发展得到了用户与客户的认可积累了丰富的工作经验,所以决定从下周开始Whale DAO将进行完全的开放,1、业务端的开放:可以承接更多优秀的海外项目构建中国的生态,2、团队的开放:任何DAOSquare的成员都可以加入Whale DAO

Whale DAO工作任务将通过dework进行发布,成员领取完成任务后领取工资。Whale DAO的收入除了维持自身运转费用以外,其它所有费用将会发放给参与的小伙伴。Whale DAO薪资标准及操作手册将在论坛进行公示。


  • Incubator 稳步进展中

:hatching_chick: 孵化工作

  • MuseX 即将上线大约在4月初
  • MuseX 上线后会开启内测,后面将逐步开放
  • IQ Protocol 下周将开启在 DKP 活动。IQ Protocol 将于近期在 DAOSquare 举办 AMA


  • Whale DAO现在处于什么目的,需要大量接项目呢?项目多了,项目的质量咋保证,因为是whale DAO背书了,如果项目出问题了,会不会有损whale dao的声誉?

  • Whale DAO接受运营的项目并不是以数量取胜,会根据多维度的判断从中选取高质量优质的项目帮助其在中国建立生态系统。杜绝对Whale DAO声誉的影响

  • DAOSquare目前的投研团队有哪些?

  • 目前分为两个部分 Whale DAO中有专人负责 DAOSquare作为孵化器有专门的团队负责,投研方向为海外优质项目,欢迎更多有经验的小伙伴加入

  • 如何提高知名度和影响力?

  • 需要从多方面构建从而聚焦到DAOSquare业务,影响力的提升是由业务成绩决定的,DAOSquare是否可以构建WEB 3.0的优秀投资工具,是否可以被更多的人认可与使用。所进行投资的项目是否可以被人们认可,DAOSquare通过构建良好生态从而提高知名度和影响力。

  • Whale DAO招聘有条件吗?会有相关培训吗?

  • 任何DAOSquare的成员都可以加入Whale DAO。会计划组织分享会及知识手册。

  • Whale DAO的收入来源

  • Whale DAO作为服务方收取的报酬为usdt或usdt+项目方token