#24 DAOSquare Community Call - 20220410

Time: April 10, 20:00 ~ 20:30(UTC+8)

Venue: Daosquare Discord #Voice Chat, via https://discord.gg/34GVwKPPHJ


20:00 ~ 20:15 DAOSquare’s Progress and Next Steps

20:15 ~ 20:30 (Free Discussion)

DAOSquare’s Progress and Next Steps


DAOSquare Community Cafeteria Governance

  • The cafeteria organized a meeting about the proposed IQ quota. The improvement plan is expected soon.
    The cafeteria is editing the draft of the DKP acquisition method, which is expected to be completed next week.
    Other proposals are in the pipeline.

DAOSquare Community Events

The IQ Protocol Angel NFT issued 57 items in bronze/silver/gold/platinum denominations, with a total amount of $10,000. They were sold out within 24 hours after launch. First of all, congratulations to the community members who have won the NFT and become a member of the IQ Protocol Angel Call Program. Afterward, they are not only Angel investors of IQ Protocol and enjoying the project benefits of Angel-IQ Fund, but also early supporters of the project. You can pay more attention to IQ Protocol, actively participate in project promotion activities, product testing and product recommendations;

This is a DAOSquare distribution investment program for the community for the first time. It is about the exchange mechanism and conditions. In general, the threshold is not that high, the goal is supposed to enable everyone to actively participate in this activity. Community members in the program is expected to collect some feedback and suggestions. In the later project, we are going to provide a more fair, high-quality exchange mechanism; On this point, community cafeteria members are also participating in the discussion recently. If you have a better idea, go to share their own opinions;

We organized Orbis AMA last week. Orbis is a decentralized social project, and our community is also the first group of users to experience their products. We will continue to help Orbis to carry out product iteration and upgrade.

We have created the DAOSquare Academy channel on Youtube. We will continue to translate and share more and better products and projects in Web3. Welcome to subscribe to the DAOSquare Youtube account: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuR1WhwfLdG_tSDdslL-8Jg

On March 30, Typto shared as a guest, participated in the Asia Defi of Network with “In the second quarter of 2022 investment” as the theme of the Twitter Space activities: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1BRJjnWPWQQJw

Recently, we will conduct a Vesting experience activity, which is targeted at all members of DAOSquare with community identity NFT, including Passport and Cafeteria. The specific details of the activity will be announced soon. NFT members who do not have mint status should go to mint on DKP. land;

Vesting is one of the modules of the Incubator, which implements the release of tokens of a project in the Incubator, enabling project makers to more flexibly and securely distribute tokens to investors based on the rules stipulated in the agreement.

Vesting: De-trust transparent fundraising and token distribution tools without permission.

For example:

Scenario: How do I receive IQT for all members who have IQ Protocol Angel NFT?

Traditional solution: After the project unlock release time expires, the project maker counts the wallet addresses of all eligible investors and manually sends the tokens to the corresponding addresses according to the unlock rules.

Disadvantages: 1. The whole process is completed manually off the chain, which is complicated and passive acceptance behavior with risks.

Vesting solution: Vesting solves the steps for project to raise funds and distribute tokens without requiring any endorsement of trust. In the usage scenario of IQ Protocol token distribution, NFT users with IQ quota only need to link their wallets in the Vesting module to display the final number of tokens that can be claimed in the Vesting module anddirectly claim the corresponding number of tokens based on the unlock rules.

Recently, two partners in our community voluntarily shared two articles about the investment DAO in the community, which is a very good way to promote and spread our community and mechanism. Thank you very much for your contribution to the promotion of DAOSquare. In the future, we will contribute to the promotion of DAOSquare together!

Dao2 operation mechanism has been adjusted and updated. The discussion will be held on 4.12 at 8 pm on the family Call channel

Dao2 framework: https://daosquare.notion.site/daosquare/dao2-ab48461063c84de0bf56859632faca7d


  • Incubator is making steady progress
  • DKP is optimized
  • DKP has made some functional optimizations

:hatching_chick: Incubation

  • MuseX is in private funding and will go public with the first version in two weeks. Fundraising resources will be available as soon as possible in DAOSquare.
  • Orbis is a kind of in-depth communication project. It will start to offer financing opportunity in the next few months. DAOSquare will participate for the first time.
  • Other projects are in the pipeline.

Free Discussion, Q/A

  • Whether there are two fundrasing offering rounds of IQ?
  • Submitting a proposal in the forum with a large number of supporters to open the second round.
  • Is there any change in $RICE’s logic?
  • DKP’s system is mainly to capture high-quality community members, enhance community value, and deeply help project parties in need. DKP1 and DKP3 only play the role of threshold, with DKP2 as the main basis for dividing the financing amount.
  • When will DKP 2.0 be available?
  • At present, it takes a lot of time to collect and verify requirements to complete the product plan, which will be scheduled later.

Conference video playback link( in Chinese)



时间:4月10日 20:00 ~ 20:30(UTC+8)
会议平台:Discord #Voice Chat https://discord.gg/34GVwKPPHJ


20:00 ~ 20:15 DAOSquare近期工作进展及未来计划
20:15 ~ 20:30 自由讨论

:muscle:t2: 社区

DAOSquare 社区食堂治理


食堂针对DKP获取的方式 正在编辑草案 预计下周完成


DAOSquare 社区活动

  • IQ Protocol Angel 召唤计划活动圆满结束,此次IQ Protocol Angel NFT共发行57张,包括青铜/白银/黄金/铂金四种面额,总额度$10000,上线之后不满24小时售罄;首先恭喜抢到额度的社区成员,成为IQ Protocol Angel 召唤计划的一员,之后大家不仅是IQ Protocol 的天使投资人,享受Angel-IQ Fund的项目收益,同时,也是项目早期的支持者,大家可以多多关注IQ Protocol,积极参加项目的推广活动,产品测试和产品建议等;
  • 此次是DAOSqaure首次向社区分发投资额度,关于兑换机制,兑换条件等,总体来说,此次兑换门槛不高,目的主要是希望通过大家积极参与这次活动,获取社区成员在兑换机制上的一些反馈建议,在以后的项目额度兑换中,提供更公平,优质的兑换机制;关于这一点,社区食堂成员最近也在参与讨论,如果大家有什么更好的想法也可以提出自己的见解;
  • 我们在上周组织了Orbis 的AMA活动,Orbis 是一个去中心化的社交项目,我们的社区也是他们产品最早一批的体验者,后面也将会继续帮助Orbis 进行产品的迭代和升级;
  • 我们在Youtube上创建了DAOSquare学院频道,将继续为大家翻译分享更多更优质的web3领域的产品和项目;欢迎订阅DAOSquare 的Youtube账号:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuR1WhwfLdG_tSDdslL-8Jg
  • 在3月30日,Typto作为分享嘉宾,参与了Asia Defi Network 的 以“2022年第二季度投资”为主题的Twitter Space活动:https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1BRJjnWPWQQJw
  • 近期我们会做一个vesting的体验活动,这个活动的对象是针对DAOSquare所有持有社区身份NFT的成员,包括 passport和Cafeteria,具体的活动细则将于近期公布,还没有mint身份NFT的成员可以去dkp.land上mint;Vesting 是Incubator的其中一个模块,它实现了孵化器中项目方 Token 的释放环节,可以更灵活、更安全地帮助项目方按照协议规定的释放规则向投资人分发 Token。
  • vesting:去信任化无需许可透明化的募集资金及代币分发工具
  • 举例:

场景:针对所有持有IQ Protocol Angel NFT的成员,如何领取到相应份额的IQT?



vesting解决方案:Vesting解决了项目方募集资金及代币分发的步骤去信任化,不需要任何信任背书。在IQ Protocol 代币分发的使用场景中,用户持有IQ额度的NFT只需在vesting模块中去链接自己的钱包,就可以在vesting模块中显示最终可领取的代币数量,依据解锁规则可以直接领取相应数量的代币。

  • 我们社区最近有两位小伙伴自发的在社区内分享了两篇关于投资型DAO的文章,这是一个非常好的途径来推广和宣传咱们的社区和机制,非常感谢两位小伙伴为推广和宣传DAOSquare 做出的贡献,未来大家一起为DAOSquare推广积极献策献力!
  • 关于dao2的运行机制做了调整和更新,讨论会4.12晚8点 family call频道
  • dao2框架:https://daosquare.notion.site/daosquare/dao2-ab48461063c84de0bf56859632faca7d


  • Incubator 正在稳步推进
  • 对DKP进行了优化
  • DKP进行了一些功能上的优化

:hatching_chick: 孵化工作

  • MuseX 正在内测,将于两周内上线第一个版本,并开启融资DAOSquare将在第一时间进入
  • Orbis 在和项目方进行深入的沟通,将在近几个月开启融资DAOSquare将在第一时间进入
  • 其他项目正在跟进中


  • IQ的额度是否有二轮

  • 在论坛提交提案支持人数很多可以开启第二轮

  • rice的定位是否有变化

  • DKP的系统主要是筛选优质的社区成员,提升社区价值,深度帮助有需求的项目方。DKP1与DKP3只起到门槛的作用,以DKP2为主,作为划分额度的依据。

  • DKP 2.0什么时候推出

  • 目前在汇集需求以及验证需求完成产品计划需要大量的时间,后期会进行排期。