#25 DAOSquare Community Call - 20220424

Time: April 24, 20:00 ~ 20:30(UTC+8)

Venue: Daosquare Discord #Voice Chat, via https://discord.gg/daosquare


20:00 ~ 20:15 DAOSquare’s Progress and Next Steps

20:15 ~ 20:30 (Free Discussion)

DAOSquare’s Progress and Next Steps


DAOSquare Community Cafeteria Governance

  • The Cafeteria has proposed improvement suggestions to the quota allocation scheme, the main purpose of which is to protect the rights and interests of old users as much as possible, using the allocation + flash sale method and adjusting according to specific items.
  • The Cafeteria’s proposal for the second allocation of IQ’s quota has been approved. 20 members have applied for the amount of ~$15K.

DAOSquare Community Events

  • Vesting community test experience campaign is officially opened. All official community members who redeemed Passport and Cafeteria NFT in dkp.land to become DAOSquare can participate. You can receive a test NFT of Vesting, receive 20 RICE on the Vesting page, and experience the whole process of automated stream payments based on token unlocking rules.
  • Orbis helped DAOSquare set up DKP-based on-chain voting, where community members can initiate proposals, discussions, and votes directly on Orbis, view more: https://orbis.club/post/kjzl6cwe1jw148vapryvd95t00emeazcxwvqi7t5h0xk6a8qwzyabsrww2cgmbx
  • Organized a family call with the theme of “BendDAO”, and two partners of dao2 shared their views, which gave a good restart of dao2. As of April 25, the highest price of Bend was $0.11,+880% up after the family call. Kudos!
  • On April 22nd, Typto was invited by ShowMe as a guest speaker in a Twitter Space titled "Will DAO be the next trend? He shared his thoughts on DAO and DAOSquare. If you are interested, you can listen to the replay: https://twitter.com/0xcryptochess/status/1517503822519685121
  • Events being planned: ceramic’s quota allocation, Twitter campaign, newcomer tutorial video series (introduction to DAOSquare, community mechanism, DKP system)

Whale DAO

  • An interview for new chefs entering the cafeteria has been planned and will move to execution next week.
  • In the last 2 weeks, WhaleDAO has talked to 5 projects successively, and one of them is going to do an AMA event next week.
  • Recently, Moonbird and Murakami.Flowers reflected high sentiment of NFT market. We are preparing to do an interview for this topic, which will be planned next week and executed in two weeks.
  • We have been sharing the weekly news of WhaleDAO’s clients for three consecutive weeks. We will surely inform you of important information and announcements in time.
  • WhaleDAO’s business is now completely open, so you should hurry up and get familiar with the assistance tool, Dework. At present, there are still many members who are not familiar with this tool, resulting in losing the chances to take tasks and make money.
  • April 14, 2022 Attended an offline sharing meeting in Chongqing on behalf of DAOSquare and introduced DAOSquare and DKP mechanism


  • DAOSquare Crypto Intelligence Issue 29 was released on Monday, the first re-release of Crypto Intelligence after a hiatus of nearly a year and a half.
  • Crypto joker translated the article “Roadmap Update: Laying the Foundation for DAOhaus v3” and published it on WeChat.
  • 堆烟 wrote the article “My View of Creators’ Economy”, which was published on WeChat
  • We are collecting the leads for Crypto Intelligence Issue 30 now. It is expected to be released tomorrow at noon.
  • Next week’s routine task of Crypto Intelligence, call for articles and translations. We expect our members to actively participate in providing clues and writing about Crypto Intelligence. 10 Rice will be awarded for each article selected. In addition, we are going to re-translate and release NFTtimes magazine, one issue a week. Please keep an eye on the relevant tasks in Dework and take tasks to earn RICE.


  • Incubator has completed contract development for treasury pool management, GP DAO, and proposal management.
  • We are currently working on the contract development for quota calculation and proposal voting, as well as the weighting calculation during the proposal voting process. We are also evaluating the impact of staking RICE on quota allocation. The product roadmap is currently in the latter half of the process.
  • Inclubator is progressing smoothly
  • DKP collect and sort the needs
  • daoscape development is at about 90% progress. The next phase will connect selected DAO organization data and you can see the full picture of the DAO ecosystem in daoscape.

:hatching_chick: Incubation

  • MuseX is in its second beta test. It is expected to go live in early May. Fundraising will be opened after the launch, and DAOSquare has the priority to participate first.
  • A creator economy project is under negotiation

Free Discussion, Q/A

Conference video playback link( in Chinese)



时间:4月24日 20:00 ~ 20:30(UTC+8)
会议平台:Discord #Voice Chat https://discord.gg/daosquare


20:00 ~ 20:15 DAOSquare近期工作进展及未来计划
20:15 ~ 20:30 自由讨论

:muscle:t2: 社区

DAOSquare 社区食堂治理

  • 食堂针对额度分配方案提出了改进意见,主要目的是尽可能的保障老用户的权益,采用分配+抢购的方式,根据具体项目进行调整。
  • 食堂针对IQ的额度分配的二次分配申请的提案已经通过 过程中有20名小伙伴提出申请 申请金额再1.5w左右

DAOSquare 社区活动

  • Vesting 社区测试体验活动正式开启,所有在 dkp.land 中兑换 Passport和Cafeteria NFT成为DAOSquare的正式社区成员都可以参与并领取一张Vesting的测试NFT,并可以在Vesting页面领取到20个RICE,并体验到整个根据代币解锁规则自动化流支付的过程;
  • Orbis 帮助DAOSquare 建立了基于DKP的链上投票,社区成员可以直接在Orbis 上发起提案,讨论,以及投票,详情可查看:https://orbis.club/post/kjzl6cwe1jw148vapryvd95t00emeazcxwvqi7t5h0xk6a8qwzyabsrww2cgmbx
  • 组织了以“BendDAO”为主题的family call ,dao2的两位小伙伴进行了自己的分享,为重启dao2开了一个不错的头,截止到4.25日 bend最高单价为0.11 family call 之后涨幅为+880%。点赞!
  • 4月22日,Typto被ShowMe 邀请参加了主题为“Will DAO be the next trend ?”的Twitter Space,分享了关于DAO和DAOSquare 的相关内容和思考,有兴趣的可以去听回放:https://twitter.com/0xcryptochess/status/1517503822519685121
  • 正在策划的活动:ceramic的额度分配、Twitter活动、新人教程视频系列(介绍DAOSquare、社区机制、DKP系统)

Whale DAO

  • 针对新进入食堂大厨们的一个访谈,已经策划完毕,下周执行。
  • 最近2周,WhaleDAO陆陆续续谈了5家项目方,其中一家元宇宙项目准备下周做一场AMA活动。
  • 近期月鸟村上花等等,针对NFT市场情绪很高,准备做一期访谈,下周策划完毕,下下周执行。
  • 我们已经连续三周分享WhaleDAO甲方爸爸们的一周动态了,当然有重要信息和公告,我们也会及时传达给大家。
  • WhaleDAO目前的业务已经完全放开了,大家要抓紧时间熟悉Dework这款协助工具。目前还有不少小伙伴因为不熟悉这款工具,导致无法接单赚钱。
  • 2022年4月14日 代表DAOSquare在重庆出席了一场线下分享会议,介绍了DAOSquare及DKP机制


  • 周一发布了DAOSquare加密情报第29期,这是加密情报停刊近一年半后首次重新发布;
  • Crypto joker翻译了“路线图更新:为 DAOhaus v3 奠定基础”一文,并在微信公众号发布;
  • 堆烟结合自己的经历和想法撰写了“我眼中的创作者经济”一文,已在微信公众号发布;
  • 搜集整理的加密情报第30期相关线索,预计明天中午准时发布;
  • 下周例行任务加密情报、征稿、翻译,希望小伙伴们踊跃的参加加密情报的线索征集和撰写,选上的每条10rice,另外还将重新翻译和发布NFTtimes杂志,一周一期,也请小伙伴们积极关注相关任务,并在Dework接任务赚大米RICE。


  • Incubator 已经完成资金池管理、GP DAO、提案管理的合约开发。
  • 目前正在进行额度计算和提案投票的合约开发,及提案投票过程中的权重计算。以及rice的质押会对额度分发产生的影响部分的工作。目前产品路线图已经推进到后半段。
  • Incubator 正在稳步推进
  • DKP 收集和梳理需求
  • daoscape开发进度在90%左右。下个阶段将接通选取的DAO组织数据,可以在daoscape看到DAO生态的全貌。

:hatching_chick: 孵化工作

  • MuseX 正在进行第二次的测试。预计5月初即将上线。上线之后将开启融资,DAOSquare将优先参与。
  • 一个创作者经济的项目正在洽谈