#27 DAOSquare Community Call - 20220522

Time: May 22, 20:00 ~ 20:30(UTC+8)

Venue: DAOSquare Discord #Voice Chat, via https://discord.gg/daosquare


20:00 ~ 20:15 DAOSquare’s Progress and Next Steps

20:15 ~ 20:30 (Free Discussion)

DAOSquare’s Progress and Next Steps


  • The Genesis Hoodie in collaboration with Metafactory is now on the Metafactory homepage. You can place an order for it if you like it. At the same time, we have launched a retweet raffle on Twitter to select lucky partners to to be rewarded with DKP and hoodies(welcome to participate); the first batch of hoodies are distributed to those who have redeemed DKP on dkp.land with DKP Genesis Hoodie NFT , and 18 Genesis cafeteria members.
  • Vesting community test experience campaign have ended, and all the members who participated in the testing can claim 20 RICE rewards.
  • According to Leon’s suggestion, we recently sorted out DAOSquare’s narrative structure and subsequent plans again, focusing on DKP, Incubator, and community building, the value of RICE embodiment, etc.

DAOSquare Community Cafeteria Governance

  • The cafeteria organized the creation of 3 domains on MuseX : api3china, whaledao and edu.
  • Space of api3china and whaledao on MuseX will start to duplicate the articles from WeChat public platform next week.
  • Space of edu represents the education channel. The current teaching course is about advanced tutorials from professional university courses.

DAOSquare Community

Whale DAO

  • From May 9 to 21, WhaleDAO translated and published 4 articles about API3. We also submitted the May-October operation application plan to official API3 team for approval. WhaleDAO published 2 overviews and helped MultiverseDAO to hold an AMA event on May 17. The multi-sig wallet account is prepared for WhaleDAO and API3’s articles from WeChat public platform duplicating to MuseX within the next week.


  • Two issues of DAOSquare Crypto Intelligence have been published, in accordance with the framework of the adopted proposal. And their is a significant increase in the number of contributors and the number of articles collected compared to the previous days.
  • For NFTtimes,dao2 have completed the translation and publication as usual, with 2 new issues published on MuseX.
  • 5 excellent English articles translated and posted on MuseX.
  • The original article “Web3 Talk” Published.
  • According to community suggestions and feedback, in addition to publishing on MuseX, the articles will also be published on the WeChat public platform(affirming that it was first published on MuseX with a link to the original article) . In this way, we can expand the reading audience while attracting popularity for MuseX;
  • New issue (Issue 35, 5.22-5.28) of Crypto Intelligence collection Google Docs link:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OrQrWcfJUWeLKas1wup5Frty26rfRuRSQUH_cI9bTaQ/edit#


  • Incubator contract part has been fully developed.
  • The next step is to interface the Incubator front-end with the contract side.

:hatching_chick: Incubation

  • Ceramic and IQ community fundraising is being scheduled, just wait.
  • Continuing to help MuseX with product upgrades, suggestions.
  • Subscriptions are being developed for better access to users.

Free Discussion, Q/A


Original citation: DAO Compensation Sustainability


  • To sum up: Growing too fast is not good, especially for DAO. DAO needs more time to accumulate and think deeply. “Fast” must not be the competitiveness of DAO, building a stable and robust community is. Don’t be confused by the short-term prosperity, whether you are a participant or an investor. It doesn’t matter if you make a mistake, it’s important to acknowledge it and find a way out. DAO will enter a new phase in 2023, are you ready for the next stage?

Conference video playback link( in Chinese)



时间:5月22日 20:00 ~ 20:30(UTC+8)
会议平台:Discord #Voice Chat https://discord.gg/daosquare


20:00 ~ 20:15 DAOSquare近期工作进展及未来计划
20:15 ~ 20:30 自由讨论

:muscle:t2: 社区

DAOSquare 社区

  • 与Metafactory合作的创世帽衫已经上架Metafactory首页,喜欢的小伙伴可以下单购买;同时我们在Twitter上开展了转推抽取幸运小伙伴送DKP和帽衫的活动,欢迎参与;第一批的帽衫分发对象:在dkp.land 上用DKP兑换了DKP Genesis Hoodie的用户/社区食堂的创世十八罗汉;
  • Vesting测试活动结束,参与测试的小伙伴都可以领取20RICE奖励;
  • 在leon的建议下,近期我们再次梳理了DAOSquare 的叙事结构及后续计划,重点包括DKP,Incubator,以及社区共建,RICE的价值体现等

DAOSquare 社区食堂治理

  • 食堂组织了在musex上建立了3个域名 分别是api3China、whaleDAO、edu
  • api3China、whaleDAO 搬运微信公众号的内容 下周开展工作
  • edu是教育频道 目前教学内容为进阶版教程 教程采用大学专业课程

Whale DAO

  • 从5月9日到5月21日,API3翻译并发表了四篇文章,同时也向API3官方提交了5-10月份的运营申请计划等待批复。WhaleDAO发表了两篇综述并在5月17日帮助MultiverseDAO做了一次AMA活动。WhaleDAO和API3微信公众号计划在下周内迁移到MuseX,目前多签钱包账户已经准备完毕。


  • 近两周加密情报按照发布的编写和评选规则,发布两期,每期编写人数和收集条数较之前有较大的增加;
  • NFTtimes也是正常翻译和发布,在MuseX新发布两期;
  • 翻译了5篇优秀文章并在MuseX上发布;
  • 发表优秀原创文章“Web3漫谈”一文;
  • 根据社区建议和反馈,后期除了MuseX上发布外,微信公众号的发布还是同步发布,但是注明MuseX上首发和发布链接,扩大阅读受众的同时为MuseX引流;
  • 新一期(第35期,5.22-5.28)加密情报收集链接:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OrQrWcfJUWeLKas1wup5Frty26rfRuRSQUH_cI9bTaQ/edit#


  • Incubator合约部分已完成全部开发,
  • 下一步为Incubator前端与合约端的对接。

:hatching_chick: 孵化工作

  • 等待 Ceramic 和 IQ 的排期
  • MuseX 在继续帮助打磨产品、提供建议,
  • 为了更好的链接用户 正在开发订阅功能。



引用的原文:DAO Compensation Sustainability


  • 总结一下:
    发展太快不是好事,尤其是 DAO。
    DAO 需要更多时间积累和沉淀思考,尤其是 DAO。
    “快”一定不是 DAO 的竞争力,构建一个稳定、健壮的社区才是。
    DAO 在 2023 年会进入一个新的阶段,你准备好度过接下来的时光了嘛?