#29 DAOSquare Community Call - 20220626

Time: June 26, 20:00 ~ 20:30(UTC+8)

Venue: DAOSquare Discord #Voice Chat, via https://discord.gg/daosquare


20:00 ~ 20:15 DAOSquare’s Progress and Next Steps

20:15 ~ 20:30 (Free Discussion)

DAOSquare’s Progress and Next Steps


  • Launched the community’s second Twitter space event, the second topic of “说三DAO四,论DAO而行”:A rambling talk on NFT. The event worked well and there was a very vigorous discussion. Welcome all community members to participate in the organization/discussion of the Twitter space event.
  • Organized another Twitter Space event on June 19 and invited 5 influential gurus to participate in the topic discussion and sharing, which we have uploaded to Youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=psdZ7XRfeS0.

DAOSquare Community Cafeteria Governance

  • Edu channel framework construction has been completed and the follow-up content is being sorted out.
  • dcp11: dao2’s proposal of “dao2 reward mechanism for external translation tasks” was approved and implemented.
  • dcp12: DKP3 acquisition program proposal is being revised.
  • DAOSquare peripheral activities are being planned.

DAOSquare Community

Whale DAO

  • Launched an AMA event with Helio.
  • API3’s Airnode has been launched, and we have arranged the promotion and related news reports.
  • WhaleDAO’s activities mode and rules are being prepared.


  • DAOSquare Crypto Intelligences have been published on MuseX and WeChat every Monday on time.
  • The latest issue of NFTimes was suspended due to the author’s participation in the NFT NYC event.
  • Translated the article “The Pivot to Web3 Is Going to Get People Hurt”, and the translated article was widely distributed and read by other mainstream crypto media.
  • The proposal of “dao2 reward mechanism for external translation tasks” was drafted and submitted, and was approved by vote on Orbis.
  • Negotiations with the Blacksky project manager for article translations, and they revealed that it will take a couple weeks to provide the list of translated articles.
  • New issue (Issue 40, 6.26-7.2) of Crypto Intelligence collection Google Docs link:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ev2gft07jIhfeuC8BS11h5v6GQAhS67ovDXxUmWDnu0/edit#


  • Incubator has completed UAT testing and is undergoing optimization iteration development.
  • DKP version 2.0 product functional framework is completed, and UX design is being promoted.
  • DAOSquare global page is being sorted out.

:hatching_chick: Incubation

  • Recently, our main focus is on the incubator product testing and optimization.
  • We will start internal community testing after the optimization completed.
  • We have received some incubation applications, but did not move forward due to poor quality.

Free Discussion, Q/A

  • None

Conference video playback link( in Chinese)



时间:6月26日 20:00 ~ 20:30(UTC+8)
会议平台:Discord #Voice Chat https://discord.gg/daosquare


20:00 ~ 20:15 DAOSquare近期工作进展及未来计划
20:15 ~ 20:30 自由讨论

:muscle:t2: 社区

DAOSquare 社区

  • 社区组织了第二次Twitter Space““说三DAO四,论DAO而行” 栏目第二期“神侃NFT””,大家参与讨论非常活跃,活动效果很好,欢迎社区小伙伴积极参与话题的组织/讨论
  • DAOSquare在6/19组织了一场Twitter Space,并邀请到了5位业内大佬参与话题讨论和分享,我们已经上传至Youtube,:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=psdZ7XRfeS0

DAOSquare 社区食堂治理

  • edu频道框架搭建已完成 正在梳理后续内容
  • dcp11:dao2承接外部翻译任务奖励机制提案以通过并执行
  • dcp12:DKP3获取方案 提案正在修改中
  • 周边活动正在策划中

Whale DAO

  • 组织了一场与Helio的AMA活动
  • API3的Airnode已经上线 组织了相关的宣传与报道
  • Whale DAO的活动模式及细则整理中


  • 加密情报每周一准时在MuseX和微信公众号上发布;
  • NFTimes由于作者参加NFT NYC大会暂停一期;
  • 翻译的“向web3的转移也许是一场残酷无情的洗礼”一文获得外部媒体大量转载和阅读;
  • 编写和提交了“dao2承接外部翻译任务奖励机制”提案,并在orbis平台获得投票通过;
  • 与Blacksky项目方沟通文章翻译事宜,项目方表示还需要几周提供翻译文章清单;
  • 新一期(第40期,6.26-7.2)加密情报收集链接:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ev2gft07jIhfeuC8BS11h5v6GQAhS67ovDXxUmWDnu0/edit#


  • Incubator 已经完成UAT测试,目前正在进行优化迭代开发。
  • DKP 2.0版本产品功能框架搭建完成,目前正在推进UX设计。
  • DAOSquare全局页面正在梳理中

:hatching_chick: 孵化工作

  • 最近主要精力在孵化器产品的测试与优化
  • 优化完成将开启社区体验
  • 收到一些孵化申请,质量一般暂无推进