9.26DAOsquare会议摘要: DAOSquare Community Call Minutes (Sep 26th)

9.26DAOsquare会议摘要: DAOSquare Community Call Minutes (Sep 26th)




  1. In the last two weeks, the Bistro and DKP testing events were successfully completed. (Rewards for retweeting have not been airdropped yet because some addresses have not been provided )

2、DAOSquare 很高兴成为 MCON 的赞助商

2 DAOSquare is pleased to be the sponsor of MCON

3、DAOSquare 重点孵化的项目:MuseX。(中文版https://www.dao2.io/daosquare-xuan-bu-fu-hua-xiang-mu-musex/)

  1. DAOSquare announced its key incubation project: MuseX.( English Edition:https://twitter.com/DAOSquare/status/1438097717067075584)

  2. 社区自治组织会推出测试版(待定),详细参考:DAOSquare 社区指南(草案)

  3. Community Autonomous Organization will launch beta version (TBD)



5 DKP正式上线在国庆节后

  1. DKP will be officially launched after the Chinese National Holiday

5.1 DKP正在开发一套后台系统供其他项目方或社区使用 (上线后会添加,时间待定)

5.1.1 后台意义:没有后台的话需要完成的功能只能通过代码来实现,使用门槛很高并且会涉及到管理权限私钥的使用,才能实现管理动作,这会对安全方面造成很大的影响。

5.1.2 后台完善后:社区或项目方自主运营,无需DAOsquare干预,DAOsquare只作为第三方起到审查的作用,用于筛选项目方并且保护用户。

5.1 We are developing a DKP backstage system for other projects or communities to utilize it (will be added after the launch, time to be determined)

5.1.1 The significance of the backstage: without a backstage, the functions that need to be completed can only be achieved through the code,the threshold for utilizeing the DKP system is very high and will involve the private keys for management to achieve action, which would result in a great impact on security.

5.1.2 With the background improved: the community or the project will operate the DKP system independently without DAOsquare’s intervention, DAOSquare will only review the projects as a third party so as to protect the users.

5.2 DKP正在设计一套非代币行为量化的任务墙(目的在于量化贡献给予奖励)

5.2.1、任务类型简单分为1)社交类:签到、关注、转发等;2)任务类:视频产出、文章产出 、翻译、代码、UI设计等(任务类根据需求情况采用指定或 Bounty 的方式确定贡献者然后给予奖励),上线后会有精彩活动

5.2 DKP is considering a set of non-token behavior task quantified functions (the purpose is to quantify the contribution to give rewards)

5.2.1 task type varies : 1) social tasks such as check-in, follow and forwarding, etc.; 2) content tasks such as videos and articles making, translation, coding, UI design, etc. (content tasks will be allocated as designated or a Bounty, which are mainly based on tasks requirements, and all the contributors will get rewards from that), there will be exciting events after the DKP official launch.



6 目前重点项目MuseX正在测试中

6 The key incubation project MuseX is currently in testing

7 还有2个国外高关注度项目,预计国庆节后发布相关情况,目前正在洽谈给社区小伙伴们的权益(2个项目在最早一轮融资的阶段)

  1. There are also 2 HOT oversea projects, which expected to be announce cooperations after the Chinese National Holiday, and negotiating about potential investment opportunities for our community members is still ongoing (2 Projects in the first round of funding stage actually)


Q/A Session

Q:Daosquare 和 bankless 接下来会有什么联动嘛?中文文章翻译会常态化嘛?

A:1、文章方面会精选优质文章翻译 2、会请bankless的小伙伴来做分享,会通过各种方式资助好的项目和想法,不仅限于内容方面

Q:What about the further collaboration between Daosquare and Bankless ? Will the translation of Bankless contents to Chinese become normall?

A:1) We will select high quality articles for translation to inspire our comunity members, 2) We will invite our Bankless partners to share and fund good projects and ideas through various ways, not only in terms of contents.


A:DAOsquare主要运营在Discord ( DAOSquare)

Q:Will our community migrate from WeChat group to discord channel?

A:DAOsquare mainly operates in Discord, you can join in via DAOSquare


  • Public Offering: TBD. Negotiation results will be announced after the Chinese National Holiday (after Oct 7th)

月报:正在发布中, 关注官方获取最新动态:dao2.io