A promotion plan for community governance

Applicant: DRD
Discord Account: DRD#3133

Proposal Story
As a member of DAOSquare Cafeteria and a large number of community contributors, they should receive corresponding returns to the premise of completing the corresponding tasks related to community governance in the early stage of DAOSquare, such as proposal and voting. The aim is to encourage canteen members and community contributors to participate more and better in community construction.

A promotion plan for community governance of DAOSquare. It includes

Promotion target
Promotion detail

DAOSquare links all kinds of resource (talents, social capital, funds, etc.) via the thought of DAO to support any valuable innovations of this new era. Communtiy Govermance is the core of the community-based organisation. After first several months practice, we built DAOSquare Cafeteria which is the part of governance the community. But the more we practiced, the more questions issued. How to engage people to more participant in the governanece? Who should be in charge of Communtiy Govermance?

All members are able to award DKP Points by participant the Communtiy Govermance by their own way.

  • To whom submitted a proposal : Earn 3 DKP3 with 30 DKP4 per time , open to the entire community (Min. Passport);

  • To whom feedback the proposal: Earn 1 DKP3 per time, open to the entire community (Min. Passport);

  • To whom voted a proposal : Earn 1 DKP3 per time , only open to Cafeteria members;

  • To whose proposal passed: Earn 2 DKP3 with 20 DKP4 per time, open to the entire community (Min. Passport).

Next step
The promotion plan may merge into the new mechanism of DAOSquare community and beiing adjusted in the future. Lets trying to do more for Community Governace!


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I suggest to establish a complete set of dkp3 distribution mechanism

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