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I like this community very much, and I want to join this community.

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cool, you can jump in our discord: DAOSquare

Hello,I’m a tiktok(in China it called douyin) writer and a director. I have trained two online celebrities, one of whom has more than 4 million fans,his name is “房东老胡”.
Compared with many non professionals, I am good at publicity and have successful experience,Especially for Chinese users.

Besides, I also studied PHP (although I eventually became a director),so I know more program terms than ordinary people,I can write popular science articles for Chinese users in a more understandable language.Being a preacher is what I’ve always wanted.

I came into contact with bitcoin in July 2017, two months later, I suffered 9.4. I’ve been through the craziest times,including ICO, IDO, IEO…including Eos,Etc,Bch…I witnessed their rise and fall.
I witnessed people become rich or poor,some people leave here forever, but I still exist,although I haven’t become a rich man.
And now, It’s time to do something for the world, no just for crypto.
So, I come here.