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Thread Title: [Solomon]DMP - NAME applies for the membership of DAOSquare

Name: Solomon
Discord: Solomon#7861
other website:

Skills: Simple graphic design. My skills are not great, but i am trying to improve constantly
**How can you contribute to DAOSquare(Product?Marketing?Content creation?or others): I can design simple designs like NFT or POAPs **
DAO/blockchain related work you have done in the past: nothing really. I made some art for one project but nothing really major

**Why do you want to join DAOSquare: DAOSquare is taking unique approach. Its ambitious, but with team that strong i believe it will be successful. So, as every human being, i would like to be a part of something successful. Make some money too :). I know i cant offer really much, but i had to try **

ERC-20 address: 0xc31841AdcF0bFf97B3554D818A69CD4f023524D5
Other information:


wow, cool! you did a great job in DKP public beta, so love the NFT you made, welcome to DAOSquare!

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