Artsquare set up

Applicant: au, william


set up a new IP called “Artsquare”


provide a “guidebook” to the Crypto Art marketplace, and create a positive buyer-culture among the NFT collectors. Then build a good reputation of “Artsquare” IP and turn it for commercial use.


  1. Create a twitter account: “Artsquare”
  2. Classify the crypto artworks by different types of presentation process,styles, themes etc.

E.g crypto art can be purely computer-generated (such as fractals and algorithmic art) or taken from other sources, such as a scanned photograph or an image drawn using vector graphics software using a mouse or graphics tablet.

Current classification:石墨文档

  1. Pick the topic we gonna involved in the first stage (45ays)
  2. Start creating the contents: 8 Short stories and 2-3 articles for reserve
  3. Publish the posts( short stories/ articles) while start the twitter account campaign
  4. Collect feedbacks from the followers and set up future corporations with different platforms like Binance’s NFT market


*do you need funds? if so, plz fill out the amount and how to use it.

Hey, guys
Your project is great, Nice throughts
But I wanna ask something and get more detail about it.
1.Your Budget.
Can you add more details about it? hou you get it?
2.Your team members have some Crypto Art background, or your university majors about it?
If you are crypto-native and Crypto Art Enthusiasts , it also be OK
3.After 7/20, this project IP will ongoing?
Or it will depend on market feedback. e.g If not many twitter followers, it could be shut down.
Or it could need more funding support?

Finally, please forgive me for asking directly.
Hope your IP will long-term run and project success.


Thanks for your attention! @0x93fab492944a1f140ec6eec82e2108e959ddc77b_Ethereum may answer your questions soon

ya, same questions for me

thx for asking:)
1: for the content side, each paid article gonna cause 300-600 dollars, and here is a e.g. BEEPLE: NOT YET A DUCHAMP, BUT DEFINETLY A SOMEBODY - Google ドキュメント
for the campaign, each one shall costs 500-1500. for example, a 5winner NFT lucky draw’s budget is around 1000 dollars, (each NFT value at 0.1eth) which will help the account getting 300-500 organic followers

2 personality I’m the crypto-native and Crypto Art Enthusiast in our team,
william and mandy do have the professional background of ART, e.g mandy used to work at Sotheby’s in NewYork
we r all art collectors

3 of course it will depend on market feedback, If not many twitter followers, it could be shut down
but we do believe it will be doing well, and if that so, we can easily get more fund form some internal and external investors

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