[Community Volunteers]-Apply to join DAOSquare

name: varian
**contact:**StephenP#3543 discord
Twitter: @varianid

|Since my introduction to BTC in 2016, I have been deeply involved in various blockchain projects, becoming a member of several companies, organizing community events, doing translation work, assisting in marketing campaigns, etc., most of which are unpaid and spontaneous. I also have a Master’s degree in Computer Technology. I have done blockchain technology-related activities, such as pledge nodes, test networks, bugs, etc. Both community and technology I can provide a tiny amount of work for DAOSquare as appropriate.|

DAOSquare is one of the most vibrant DAO communities I have seen, practicing the DAO philosophy and popularising DAO knowledge, especially in the Asia Pacific region. I believe the future belongs to DAO, and I am impressed by DAOSquare’s past efforts and upcoming plans, and I hope to be a part of DAOSquare and make my own small contribution.

ERC-20 address:0x2dBC54D6993a1db9BE6431292036641Ec73E8C70
Other information:I was in one of the DAOhaus governance communities and participated in the CCO as concerned governance and early member.

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It’s cool, stay tuned, leave a personal message, someone will contact you