Thread Title: [Your role]DMP - NAME applies for the membership of DAOSquare

Name: QingShan
Discord: qingshan#7077
Recommender: 猫哥
Twitter: bitcoin_club_
Linkdln: Mountain (@bitcoin_club_) / Twitter
other website: https://support.discord.com/hc/zh-tw

How can you contribute to DAOSquare(Product?Marketing?Content creation?or others):
DAO/blockchain related work you have done in the past:

—I am engaged in the blockchain industry and engaged in BD work and transactions in the industry. I can expand development channels for the organization and maintain existing users. Research related information
Why do you want to join DAOSquare:
As you said, web3 is a community autonomous organization. I like this world. I like being able to join in and make some contributions to web3.

**ERC-20 address:**0x73998aB59b053A0eB5443F8a4Ea015412d55Ce4A
Other information:

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注意查看discord私信哦 :smile: