DAOsign Grant Proposal


  • NickName: Tania
  • Email: @sandra@daosign.org


DAOsign is a decentralized platform for agreements and automated workflows, with publicly verifiable, cryptographic proofs-of-signature, designed for DAOs and WEB3 companies.

Verifiable Signature is at the core of DAOsign and is based on 3 key proofs: proof-of-identify, proof-of-authority, and proof-of-agreement. Utilizing these proofs, DAOsign provides a platform to design and configure complex workflows that combine smart-contract-based automation with authorized approvals.

DAOsign provides publicly verifiable cryptographic proofs; secure, transparent and automated processing of complex Agreements and Policies.

Furthermore, DAOsign provides robust Governance and Policy Builder platform to provide governance, workflow automation and controls for organization policies and procedures.


Traditional methods of signing agreements, such as paper-based systems or legacy e-signatures, are prone to fraud and lack transparency, and offer no solution for verification of the signer’s identity or signer’s authority to execute the agreement. Instead these systems rely on costly legal proceedings for enforce agreements.
DAOsign addresses the need for a secure and transparent way to sign, manage and automate agreements of all kinds with a configurable level of anonymity disclosure.


DAOsign combines proof-of-agreement, proof-of-signature and proof-of-authority into a publicly verifiable cryptographic proof enabling secure, transparent, and automated processing of complex agreements and smart contracts.


Amount: 50 000 XDAI

How to use:

  • Blockchain Integration - Q3 2023
  • Snapshot + GPT3 Integration - Q3 2023
  • Agreement Invoicing - Q4 2023
  • Plugins Marketplace and Tokenization - Q4 2023