DAOSquare #10 Community Call (Oct. 10) Minutes



9月份月报发布 DAOSquare月报 - 九月

DAOSquare Monthly Report (September) Released ( DAOSquare Discord Level. DAOSquare is exploring a new mechanism… | by DAOSquare | Oct, 2021 | DAOSquare)

2 开启 Discord LEVEL,已经发公告介绍。

2.1 活跃度3级后解锁radio频道,活动固定开始时间为每周六晚上十点。

2.2 等级查看方式:点击自己的头像下方有身份标识,在verify频道输入!rank 查看具体等级。

2.3 等级获取方式:聊天、游戏都会增长经验

  1. DAOSquare Discord LEVEL opend, which has been announced yet.

2.1 After the level 3 activated, the #radio channel will be unlocked for these members, let’s enjoy the activity at 10pm(UTC+8) every Saturday.

2.2 Level check: click on your avatar below the identity mark in the #verify channel, enter !rank to see the specific level

2.3 How to upgrate your levels: chatting or playing in DAOSquare Discord channels

3、开启 RICE holder 角色。正在与 CollabLand 协调,实现汇总各个链的 RICE 总量来判断 RICE 持有者的级别。

  1. Enable RICE holder roles. We are coordinating with CollabLand to aggregate the total amount of RICE in each chain to determine the level of RICE holders.


    1~300 baby
    301~1000 kid
    1000~3000 boss
    3001+ Overlord

3.1. The relationship between specific roles and token holdings is tentatively set as:

3.2 绑定方法:在verify频道发送!join 与机器人互动完成(下周合并所有链上的token数量转化为对应的角色)

3.2 Binding your wallet address: send !join in the #verify channel and interact with the CollabLand bot to finish it (next week it will be able to assign corresponding roles according to the total amount of RICE in both chains )

4、增加了game频道. 发送指令互动获得watercoin 可以购买对应道具改变名称颜色, 互动指令集正在编辑中

  1. Added a #game channel. Sending an order in the #game channel to interact with the bot so as to get Watercoins, which can be used to buy corresponding props to change your ID colors. Interactive instruction set is being developing.

5、开启 DAOSquare Radio 实验。以后每周六晚10 点定期举行。

  1. Start the DAOSquare Radio test. It will be held regularly every Saturday night at 10pm (UTC+8).


  1. Preparation for the DKP launch event. It is expected to be officially launched next week. After the launch, a one-month event will be launched, there will be red-package and physical object rewards.


  1. A new task for user-friendly

7.1 、汇总常见的 QA 问题,在 Discord 开一个 QA 频道把常见 QA 问题分类贴上

7.2 、收集机器人命令集,在 Game 频道 pin 消息

7.1 Collect common QA issues, open a new #Q/A channel in Discord to post common Q/A issues together in categories

7.2 Collect bot command sets, pin this messages in the #Game channel



DKP Introduction

DKP 是一个社区贡献协议。它可以帮助 Web3.0 时代的项目、社区、DAO 更好地构建社区并更健康地实施治理。同时,它也可以帮助项目更好地实施社区运营及市场推广。DKP 是无需许可的,因此任何人都可以通过在 DKP 的贡献行为自主地获得在社区中的利益和权力。DKP 是开放的,任何人都可以启动自己的 DKP 构建属于自己的社区。

DKP is a module of DAOSquare Incubator, known as the “DAO Kontribution Pool” (you can imagine DKP in the World of Warcraft). Anyone can convert their contributions to DAOSquare into rights and interests here. This is an open, permissionless contribution and redemption site. This is DAOSquare’s practice of thinking about DAO, community, and project governance. At the same time, DKP is also a community growth solution to better help projects build real communities, it is open for anyone to start their own DKP to build their own community.

1、DKP 后台正在进行开发

  1. DKP backend is under development

2、DKP 1.2版本正在进行迭代设计

  1. DKP v1.2 is being designed for iteration


  1. Incubator is advancing as planned


Free Discussions

1.可以生成独一无二的头像 https://synthetic-nouns.herokuapp.com/

  1. You can generate unique avatars via https://synthetic-nouns.herokuapp.com/ and set it as your discord avatar


Public Offering



  1. $RICE public offering time will be announced after next week.

  2. $RICE public offering will follow Gnosis Auction, refer to https://news.daosquare.io/become-an-auction-specialist-at-gnosis-auction-in-five-minutes-45d95488f73f


Note: Future event notifications will be announce on DAOSquare Discord channel only, please visit DAOSquare and stay tuned.