DAOSquare Community Call Meeting Minutes

1 - DKP essay contest is finished (one of the winners did not leave an address please contact the admin. congratulations.

2 - DAOSquareBot test preparation is ready

3 - Gitcoin Matching Partner

4 - DAOSquare Monthly Report (August ) has been released

5 - Community task system reward statistics

6 - Bistro, and DAOSquare-bot internal testing

  • 6.1 Expected to go online next week
  • 6.2 In the Bistro, the way to exchange rewards has been optimized. Before: dragon NFT was used to redeem RICE ticket, and the NFT will be destroyed after claiming RICE ticket. After: the Dragon NFTwill be reserved as proof of contribution even after redeem.

7 - DKP

  • 7.1 DKP is delayed by the audit service and is expected to go live in 2 weeks
  • 7.2 there will be 2 projects to be incubated after the DKP launch, Next week there will be a briefing on one of the projects (Bistro + DKP = IDO), ways to participate in the seed round, and steps will be officially announced later, p.s. IDO projects are the selected early seed round projects

8 - Optimize the community system to facilitate more volunteers to join us

9 - Discord new robot function, will be online soon (send red-packets and rewards ), rewards will be collected automatically, and 100% acceptance, convenient and rapid.

10 - Public offering

  • 10.1 Public offering needs to coordinate later actions, currently progress 80% progress obtained, public offering time will be announced in 2 weeks.
  • 10.2 Public offering way

11 - RICE

  • 11.1 - There is no official pool, either on ETH mainnet or xdai network
  • 11.2 - Why choose xdai, advantages obvious, low gas, asset transfer quickly, xdai is a stable coin)
  • 11.3 - Will it go to other chains? DKP will be migrated according to the actual situation when used by other projects such as BSC, Matic, and so on.

12 - Community Organizations will launch a beta version

13 - Participating in previous OVO grants will get corresponding DKP points later

14 - User with a Forum name "BTC ", please reply to the forum PM before Sep14, ASAP.