DERO-04-(Phaver×DAOSquare AMA)

Author: haipii#2350
Discord Account: haipii#2350

Short Description (What)

Conducting community AMA activities

Motivation (Why)

We will give full play to the possibilities, autonomy and diversity of the community and explore more ways of activities to bring different experiences to the community and inject more vitality into the community.

Specification (How)

Community Outreach Category:
Event name: Phaver×DAOSquare AMA
Whether it is a joint event, the other party is: Yes, Phaver
Event time: Single event / 5.30 pm 8 pm (UTC+8)
Venue: Phaver-Twitter space
Purpose of the event: To speak out on the issue, to let people outside the community know about DAOSquare, and to attract traffic to the community
Activity process: Familiarize yourself with the questions and write your answers with the host. Introduce yourself to DAOSquare at the beginning of the event, then enter the Q&A session.
Event expenses: 100rice and 30dkp points (10rice+3 points/person)
Activity income: None
Activity staff arrangement: haipi host
Specific implementation plan: 1:

  1. before the event starts: contact the community management to forward the poster and determine the start time of the event. 2.
  2. During the activity: Introduce DAOSquare at the beginning of the activity, enter the Q&A session, and actively answer the audience’s questions in the interactive session.
  3. After the event: If there is an active private chat audience, lead them into the community for detailed chat. 4.
  4. For details, please see: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.
    Activity material: Poster
    Remarks: None