[developer&content creator] - coinstoic applies for the membership of DAOSquare

Thread Title: [You]DMP - NAME applies for the membership of DAOSquare

Name: coinstoic
Contact: ifreebit (wechat id)
Twitter: https://twitter.com/coinstoic
Linkdln: None
Facebook: None
other website: : justdaoit.io (building …, will release soon in future)

Skills: Python, Content Creator, Marketing, Product, DevOps, Cloud engineer skill
How can you contribute to DAOSquare(Product?Marketing?Content creation?or others): developer or content creation
DAO/blockchain related work you have done in the past:

  1. Created a dao: JustDaoIt on Daohaus, and the domain owner of justdaoit.io
  2. A Programmer of 8 years experience, working at famous Internet companies in china
  3. Learning blockchain and DLT since 2017, enthusiastic in blockchain technology , Bitcoin, ethereum, DeFi, Dao … Believe that blockchain will redefined world
  4. Content creation about blockchain since 2017 , has over 2k fans , active at bihu.com, zhihu.com, github.com, wechat group, wechat media platform, twitter, telegram … created more than 100 articles and 30 translations content.

Why do you want to join DAOSquare:

I believe in that Web3 and DAO is the future and DAOSquare is doing the great things that will change the world . That is why i want to join DAOSquare and contribute to it.

ERC-20 address: 0x5D07A2FD6bD208fCba0Fd0513bBAF6ec2730af40
Other information:

stay tuned,some will contanct you