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### 征文活动参赛文章(Content)

8月1日,看到“DAOSquare DKP公测”公告,第一时间打开网站,三条可爱的小龙及龙头NFT,又再次深深地吸引了我,我赶紧记下公测日期,并设置好闹钟。
8月2日下午4点50分,闹钟响了,我立刻打开网站和官方教程,提交做好准备。5点整,我第一时间领取了JTT、ATT,并立即Stake,以便获取更多筹码,一开始并不顺利,但最终还是成功获得了一条小龙(#1 DKP test nft),内心十分激动。
目前来看,6种DKP Test Prize,自己只有最后2个还有机会,但我从没气馁。龙在中国传统文化中是高贵、尊荣的象征,又是幸运和成功的标志,我相信自己终会成为集体幸运儿中的一员,而DAOSquare就是带领我们步入元宇宙的鹊桥和急先锋。


We are all lucky

When I used Discord for the first time, I took the lead in join the DAOSquare community. “Love at first sight” for Daosquare’s Logo (that is).
On August 1, I saw the announcement of “DAOSquare DKP Open Beta” and opened the website for the first time. Three cute dragons and the leading NFT again attracted me deeply. I quickly wrote down the date of the open beta and set the alarm clock.
At 4:50 pm on August 2nd, the alarm clock rang, I immediately opened the website and the official tutorial, ready to submit. At exactly 5 o’clock, I received JTT and ATT immediately, and I immediately Stake to get more chips. It was not smooth at first, but in the end I managed to win a dragon (#1 DKP test nft), and I was very excited.
I thought that the next token collection time was seven days later. Although I set the alarm clock, I was unable to pay attention to the official announcement in time, missed the “new task reward”, and missed the opportunity to collect the second dragon.
However, I paid attention to the announcement in time, received the token in time, and finally received the third dragon in time.
So far, of the 6 DKP Test Prizes, I only have the last 2 and still have a chance, but I have ever had discouraged. In traditional Chinese culture, the dragon stands for nobility and honor, as well as a symbol of luck and success. I believe that I will eventually become a member of the lucky group, and DAOSquare is the magpie bridge and vanguard that lead us into the meta-universe. .
You, me and him, forming DAO, Daosquare units and moves forward, and it is bound to go far.

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