[DKP Essay Contest] — About the connection of NFT

征文活动标题(Title):[DKP Essay Contest]— About the connection of NFT
提议人(Nickname):Steve Rogers
钱包地址(Wallet Address):0x1193285639955B41377e4AE08E8813314fc746De


I am honored to take part in this test of DAO. The test process is very smooth. The NFT cards rewarded by activities are very nice. I like it very much. Unfortunately, I have not collected a complete set of NFT cards. I suggest giving NFT cards more functions, grading cards, and giving more NFT cards at the same time. Card players can synthesize by themselves. Many low-level cards are synthesized into high-level cards, and the synthesis has a probability of failure. Therefore, players are encouraged to actively participate in activities and collect cards.

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Thanks! DKP is a new exploration for DAO/community governance and growth. it’s very early now, we will continue to help it grow!