[DKP Essay Contest] — my "impression & advice"

my impression when participating in DKP Open Beta is…

  1. web and xdai access from DKP Open Beta is very smooth…
  2. admins are very friendly on discord…
  3. new challenges and new lessons that I got in DKP Open Beta…

this the advice from me :

  1. on the DKPool there needs to be a dark mode :slight_smile: for more comfortable when viewing the web and accessing this web
  2. please explain on the web what is DAO Square and what does it do
  3. please give some color to the web so it doesn’t look boring when accessing it

that’s the advice from me :slight_smile:

good job team DAO Square !


thank you for your feedback. we will share this to our pm and devs, maybe we can update these when it officially online

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