[DKP Essay Contest] — My testnet experience and sugession

征文活动标题(Title):[DKP Essay Contest] - My testnet experience and suggestions
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ok first of all i need to thank the team and the community for conducting this testnet and it was a great experience.The interface of the website is absolutely fine and in the transactions are also pretty fast and the faucet’s response was also very good .Everything worked fine for me but there was one issue while redeeming the dkp 1 nft ,i couldnt redeem the nft when i had the dkp points,it might be due to the heavy traffic,and i understand and also one more thing while redeeming the dkp nft 2 ,the fees were too high ,like 0.3xdai so i had to wait for sometime to redeem it and it was alright within two hours .Except these two things it was great and i continue to support the community for its prosperity.
Thank You

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thank you for sharing your story of DKP! and thank you for your support. we will continue to build it better