[DKP Essay Contest] What I felt about the DKP website

征文活动标题(Title): What I felt about the DKP website
提议人(Nickname): dorokin
钱包地址(Wallet Address):0x386C82b52d6E0DFB636C51B577577140cc1Df4Bf


This is my opinion based on my actual use of the DKP website.

First of all, I thought the basic usability was good.
The transaction generation after the click of a button was fast and the page response was not slow, so I was able to use the site without stress.

Next, let’s talk about the UI.
Although the background color of the site is white, the background color of the other parts displaying NFTs and the rows of buttons are also white, making it difficult to recognize the border between them.
Although the border is expressed with shadows, I felt that it would be better to explicitly use different background colors for the site.

Also, there are vertical and horizontal scrolls in the NFT description field.
This scrolling looks very poor, so I felt that it should be displayed only when the description is very long and scrolling is necessary.

That’s all I felt.
I’m rooting for your project to succeed!


Thank you for your feedback. it’s important for us, will share this with our PM and Devs!