[DKP Essay Contest] — What I thought of the site

征文活动标题(Title): [DKP Essay Contest] — What I thought of the site.
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1.I always view Twitter and Discord in dark mode, and it would be nice if KDP had a light or dark mode option as well.
2.The position of “Total JTT” and “My staking ATT” is not the same. I think it would look nicer if the icons were aligned. Likewise, the position of “My DKP” is not the same, and I think it would look nicer if they were aligned.
3.The numbers in the upper right hand corner of the NFT when redeeming trophies were a little difficult to read because of the bright green color. It would be helpful if the font was easier to read or if the white color was more prominent.

These are the points I felt.
Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to touch the DKP Open Beta.


thank you for your feedback. ya, we need the dark mode! will update it!

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Thank you. I often work late at night, so this is very helpful.

I don not know Chinese. So vote for this English topic :)))

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Thank you. I’m glad.

Let’s build a community together! come on!

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