Donation - UnChain Funds


  • NickName: Typto
  • Twitter: Typto_DAOSquare
  • Discord: Typto#7037
  • Email:
    (*at least one)


To do some efforts for Unchain Fund. Pls check their twitter and official website to get more information and there are some key point from their Discord:

Signers of our multi-sig:

  1. Illia Polosukhin @IlliaAtNear, Co-Founder @NEARProtocol (,)
  2. Scott More, Co-Founder of Gitcoin and member of PleasrDAO, seedclubhq, ensdomains (
  3. Peter Pan @pet3rpan Community Investing @1kxnetwork , member MetaCartel , VENTUREDAO (
  4. CJ @! CJ | Atlantis World, Co-Founder @atlantis0x , Guide @KERNEL0x (
  5. Andriy Velykyy, [email protected]_io (
  6. Rev Miller @! Rev, Co-Founder @atlantis0x , Growth @witnet_io , Guide @KERNEL0x (
  7. Oleg Kurchenko, Founder
    @binaryx_en (
  8. Alexey Bobok @AlexeyBobok, [email protected] (
  9. Nick Vasilich Europe & Asia
    @harmonyprotocol (

We have already received incredible support efforts and donations from multiple crypto communities and individuals such as @NEARProtocol ($700k+), @PoolTogether ($150k+), @pet3rpan ($10k), and countless real-world heroes that support and protect human rights.


We can’t work on politics, but we can work on humanitarian. UnChain Fund is focus on humanitarian, they are not raising funds for weapons but for:

  • Migrant Support
  • Migrant Support
  • Food
  • Psychological support
  • Communication
  • Protective Equipment
  • Medication
  • Direct aid

Help people is help ourself.


Donate funds form OVO Grants (DAOSquare community grants) to Unchain Fund. The amount of funding requires the Cafeteria (DAOSquare Community Governance) to discuss and receive the oversign of community.


Amount: $5K - $10K
How to use:

  • To the Unchain Fund for humanitarian aid efforts.

As a result of the discussion from DAOSquare Cafeteria, OVO Grants is not designed for out-of- project donations.

Because of the appropriations and considerations above, we decided to decline the proposal on behalf of DAOSquare.

Even though, DAOSquare community encouraged all community members to make humanitarian contributions on their individual basis.