DRC-02-Initiate a community call 37th

Author: haipi#2350
Discord Account: haipi#2350

Short Description (What)

Initiate a community call 37th

Motivation (Why)

Keep up with community members

Specification (How)

Activity name: community call 37th
Event time: 10pm on Sunday night (UTC+8)
Location: Discord
Purpose of the activity: Keep up with community members

Activity process: Invite the person in charge of the guild and Matrix to explain the latest progress. After the explanation, there will be a question and answer session. After the meeting, the summary will be used to inform the community

Activity fee: about 20 DKP3 and 12 DKP4 per activity.

Event personnel arrangement: Personnel include the host and guests, the host is selected from the cafeteria, and the host’s participation in the answering activity is invalid. (DKP point compensation can be obtained, and each host will be awarded 5 DKP4 points)

Specific implementation plan:
Before the event starts: After the event starts, make a statement on the current situation of the community, and then draw out the guests

Event in progress: The moderator is responsible for maintaining the order of the event. And guide the guests to make statements, after the guests have finished their statements, enter the question-and-answer session, and hand over to the corresponding guests to answer. After the Q&A, enter the answering session. A total of 2 questions will be asked every 5 minutes. The first person who answers each of the 5 questions correctly will get 6 DKP4! (Each activity is limited to one time per person, and the reward for correct answers will be postponed to the second time). The top 10 participants who answer each question correctly will receive 1 DKP3. Control the speaking time and the total time of the activity will not exceed 1 hour.

After the event: The host will make a closing speech and guide the award-winning members to fill out the information form. According to the results of answering questions, the list of winners will be counted and corresponding rewards will be issued.