DRC-Start Music Radio Party


Launch of Music Radio Party Event


Through the question and answer method to let the community members know the latest industry information and knowledge, active community members to inject more vitality into the community.


Event name: Music Radio Party

Event Time: Long-term event/every Saturday night at 10pm (UTC+8)

Venue: Discord - Radio Party channel

Purpose of the event: To keep the community members updated with the latest industry information and knowledge through question and answer, and to activate the community members.

Activity process: The host will ask the questions through the robot’s command, and after the community members answer the questions, the information will be collected through the form, and the rewards will be given according to the rules, and the rewards will be collected independently.

Activity expenses: Approximately 55 DKP3 and 35 DKP4 per event.

Activity personnel arrangement: The personnel is divided into questioner and host, with one or two questioner selected from within Cafeteria and the host selected from within Cafeteria. (The questioner and host are not valid to participate in the answer activity, they can be compensated with DKP points, each question is awarded 1 DKP3 points, each host is awarded 5 DKP4 points)

Specific implementation plan.

  1. Before the event: After Cafeteria selects the questioner and host, the questioner will summarize the questions to the host, and the host will obtain the robot’s permission to answer the questions via robot https://quizbot.xyz/quizzes/ 442342/edit Familiarize yourself with the bot commands to add questions.

  2. When the activity is in progress: make an activity announcement and guide members to enter the corresponding channel to answer the questions. The host needs to ensure that the questions are asked normally within the specified time, one question every 5 minutes, 5 questions in total, and answer community members’ questions in the process.

  3. After the event: The host will make a closing statement and guide the winning members to fill out the information form (the form includes the event date, member discord name, member blockchain address) and the link to collect the rewards independently (the reward collection page is under development). According to the answer result, the list of winners will be counted, and the ranking and the corresponding rewards will be approved with the form of information collection, and the rewards will be collected independently.


Question sources: community reading and hot news, investment-related knowledge, etc.

Reward criteria: the first person to answer each question correctly will receive 6 DKP4! (limited to 1 per person per activity, then the correct answer to the reward is deferred to the second), the first 10 participants to answer each question correctly will receive 1 DKP3

Personnel handover: inform the robot of the order, hand over the previous rewards to the archive, and verify if there are missing rewards to make up for the missing rewards. Transfer of robot management rights.