DREO-05- logo license application

Short Description (What)

IDO information collation and publishing logo license application

Motivation (Why)

Due to the release in the name of the community need to avoid risks in the production and dissemination process

Specification (How)

Signing of brand license agreement Full text below

Brand Authorization Agreement

This Brand Authorization Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”) is entered into by and between the following parties on the agreed date:

Grantor: DAOSquare

Grantee: haipi


  1. The Grantor is a legal entity with legitimate rights in brand operation and owns specific trademarks, logos, trade names, and related intellectual property (hereinafter referred to as the “Brand”).
  2. The Grantee seeks to obtain the right to use the Brand from the Grantor for promotional purposes, limited to the production and sharing of curated IDO information.
  3. The Grantee acknowledges (Note 1) that the information shared is from legitimate sources and is limited to the curated IDO information.

Based on the above premises, the parties have reached the following agreement:

Article 1 Purpose of the Agreement

The purpose of this Agreement is to grant the Grantee limited and non-exclusive rights to use the Brand for the purpose of promoting and marketing activities, solely limited to the production and sharing of curated IDO information.

Article 2 Scope of Authorization

  1. The Grantor grants the Grantee the right to use the Brand, including but not limited to trademarks, logos, trade names, advertising materials, etc.
  2. The Grantee has the right to use the Brand for promotion and marketing activities on websites, social media platforms, and other authorized channels, solely limited to the production and sharing of curated IDO information.
  3. The Grantee has the right to use the related intellectual property of the Brand, but not beyond the scope defined in this Agreement.

Article 3 Obligations of Use

  1. The Grantee shall use the Brand in accordance with the Grantor’s regulations and standards, lawfully and appropriately, ensuring that the reputation and image of the Brand are not compromised.
  2. The Grantee shall protect the intellectual property of the Brand and shall not modify, register, or use trademarks, logos, trade names, or any similar elements without prior written consent from the Grantor.
  3. The Grantee shall provide timely reports on the usage of the Brand to the Grantor, including sales data, market feedback, etc.

Article 4 Term and Termination

  1. The term of this Agreement shall be 6 months, commencing from the date of proposal approval.
  2. The parties agree to engage in renewal negotiations 1 month prior to the expiration of the Agreement. Unless otherwise specified, the renewal conditions shall be substantially consistent with this Agreement.
  3. In the event of a violation of this Agreement by either party, the non-breaching party shall have the right to terminate the Agreement in advance and reserve the right to pursue legal remedies for the violation.

Article 5 Intellectual Property Protection

  1. The Grantor reserves all rights to the Brand and its related intellectual property.
  2. The Grantee shall not infringe upon the Grantor’s intellectual property in any form, including but not limited to trademark infringement or imitation of the Brand’s logos.

Article 6 Confidentiality

Both parties shall maintain the confidentiality of each other’s business information and operational secrets obtained during the performance of this Agreement and shall not disclose such information to third parties, unless prior written consent is obtained from the other party or as required by law and regulations.

Article 7 Dispute Resolution

Any disputes arising from this Agreement shall be resolved through amicable negotiations between the parties. If no resolution can be reached, either party may bring a lawsuit to a competent court for resolution.

Article 8 Other Provisions

  1. Any matters not covered in this Agreement may be agreed upon through supplementary agreements between the parties.
  2. Any modifications or supplements to this Agreement shall be effective after being confirmed by the proposal.

Note 1 - IDO and financing information source:DAOSquare, DAO Maker, Polkastarter, Seedify, Red Kite, BSCPad, BullStarter, PAID Network, GameFi, Poolz Finance, TrustPad, TrustSwap, Starter, Enjinstarter, Gamestarter, Bounce, ZENDIT, Vent Finance, BSCStation, AcceleRaytor, Launchpool, TronPad, ETHPad, WePad, Babylons, Avalaunch, GameZone, Kommunitas, Solanium, PancakeSwap, CardStarter, Lighthouse, ChainBoost, DuckSTARTER, Impossible Finance, MoonStarter, Infinity Pad, OccamRazer, BinStarter, LaunchZone, ZeroSwap, Scaleswap, TruePNL, Lemonade, MISO, Synapse Network, xLaunchpad, CyberFi, Camelot, BSClaunch, StarLaunch, KingdomStarter, Polkabridge, GenPad, GameStation, StepLaunch, RazrFi, Gnosis Auction, FireStarter, PEAKDEFI, Spores Network, Zelwin Finance, WeStarter, Krystal GO, Balancer LBPs, GAGARIN, DAOLaunch, A2DAO, Roseon Finance, FantomStarter, LuaStarter, Infinite Launch, Koistarter, Lightning, RoadStarter, AptosLaunch, BHero, Uplift, AvaXlauncher, Convergence Finance, Catapult, SpinTop, TorkPad, KickPAD, Iskra。
Includes OFIs with market capitalization of $1 million or more