Ethereum enthusiast - Riely applies for the membership of DAOSquare

Ethereum enthusiast - Riely applies for the membership of DAOSquare

Name: Riely
Contact: [email protected]
Recommender: Raphia
Facebook: N/A
other website:

Market research, user growth and community building

How can you contribute to DAOSquare(Product?Marketing?Content creation?or others):
I’ve spent three years in the tech startups and venture world when I was in college, which successfully helped 2 tech startups with10x user growth. It involves data driven marketing and is something I can help here as well.

During the gap year, I was working as consultant at the United Bank for Africa for a short period. I was both doing market research and business development at the same time. It’s a completely different world and truly shifted my perspective towards freedom. I think it fits the DAO culture and I can be a better advocate because of this experience.

About a year ago, I made a pivot into blockchain. Currently working at one of the largest Ethereum wallet and enabling everyone to access to basic financial service. By both creating educational materials and talk to real users, I’ve builded strong connections with many crypto forks and brought great value to the Ethereum community. It would be a pleasure if I can help DAOSquare create meanfuling contents.

DAO/blockchain related work you have done in the past:
Core contributor to zkSync team - help with community building and user education
Contributor to Reflexer Labs - build and maintain local community

Why do you want to join DAOSquare:
I am convinced that the single most impactful thing we can do today to make this world better is to increase people’s freedom. And DAO is a big part of it.

Memo: I am a BIG FAN of Moloch DAO and SSC.

ERC-20 address: 0xce6C494b18DD5B3aF0E20346EC72088c6D362001
Other information:


Recommendation: I was really impressed by Riely’s passion for research and her experience in Africa, she is a very innovative, interesting, and kind person. I highly recommend her : )


@Typto will work on it :grinning:

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wow, looks amazing! im also a BIG FAN of Moloch! @StampSoda will organize a meeting, let’s DAO it!

yeah! Looking forward! Let’s talk :innocent:

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