Ethermore DAO based game grant


  • NickName: Ethermore
  • Twitter: @ethermorelore
  • Discord: DanStone - Ethermore#9402
  • Email: [email protected]


What’s your project or idea?
Ethermore A collection of 15k unique NFT characters that are your passport to participate in the evolving world and lore of a fantasy metaverse.

Ethermore arrives as a drop of 15,000 NFTs, each a unique procedurally generated fantasy character on the Ethereum blockchain. Each character is a token of entry to the community and world of Ethermore.

Heroes’ stories, quests and world-building events will evolve off-chain in community discussion, before returning on-chain as Ethermore lore as voted by the community in a DAO based RPG, where decisions have consequences in the world.

It is a communal creative project to build a fantasy world on the Ethereum blockchain.


Why do you think it’s valuable or cool?
Ethermore adds creativity and functionality to the standard ERC721 token and will explore the use case in DAOs of this for functions outside of just governance. We will experiment with DAO community-building creative projects and interactive game use-cases where the token holders have unique experiences with sovereignty over their game and world experience.


How do you achieve it?
The base asset is the character token. This is a secured with settlement on layer 1. All of the interaction, lore, narrative and extra community built ‘value’ on top will inherently bring value to the base token, and if the engagement or person wants to move away or sell their game experience, they can, as easily as putting their character ERC721 token up for sale on a secondary marketplace.

We are making block chain games on layer 1 a mix of art and culture and adding utility on top. This is our advantage and edge over fast-moving gaming solutions built on layer 2s.


Do you need funds? if so, plz fill out the amount and how to use it.

1) Amount: 10k XDAI

How to use:
We are a small indie team and we need funds so we can concentrate on the creative and narrative building of Ethermore and less on marketing and spending so much time on twitter!
We need to firstly hire a marketing lead to take this pressure off the core team so we can concentrate on building.

2) I would also like to propose a secondary partnership with DAOsquared to incubate Ethermore in the form of seed funding and incubation guidance in exchange for character tokens.

DAOsqaured would provide support from networks/organisations to help educate the core Ethermore team about your experience with DAOs, governance, marketing and utilise your networks/resources to help us get some traction and allow us to build more content, grow our audience, experiment with the DAO use case of NFTs/games/social DAO applications in this innovative way and increase the value of our character tokens.

Ethermore would like to offer in this partnership DAOsquared the opportunity to seed fund Ethermore through the purchase of our character tokens of any number the DAO wishes to hold, up to a threshold of 2,500 maximum character tokens at 0.04ETH per token, plus minting gas (up to15% of total supply, 100ETH+gas).

We will cap the purchase at 15% of our total supply in order to continue with our promise of fair and equal distribution to our community.

This would allow DAOsquared a significant exposure to Ethermore DAO character tokens at the base price, and provides us some runway funding, limits our total supply to public sale, increasing the demand. At the same time letting you have access to Ethermore charcters for total use cases in your program that we could cooperate on. All yours to use, Wizard!


Thanks for applying!

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great grants idea,hope more projects apply for this

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It’s an interesting experienment! You guys need to do more marketing and keep on buidling the community :yum:

Any detailed timeline about your roadmap as well as backgroup of your team members?

Hey! We have a roadmap in our discord server that is updated there. Here is the current status:

Complete ~~
-Launch early adopter tier to 2000
-Governance, proposals and voting protocol documents
-DAO global Voting engine~~

Work in Progress
-Character Trait recognising/role assigning bot
-Release of Main Arc: Act I
-Release of Side quests: Rings and Keys Around the Corner
-Genesis world-building sessions via events
-Character ‘Moral Compass’ quest portal engine
-Trait based voting engine
-Main arc: Following Acts

On Horizon
-Carbon offset of drop (post full drop)

Community Bounty ideas

In terms of core team:
myself- I am a PhD candidate and physician by day, game designer by night
Ekim our technical lead is a solidity dev with two other sub-devs in the team on the front and backend.

Our community mods include former employees of coinbase, amazon, google and other gamers. We already have an axiet-infinity associated gaming guild that has also focused on us alongside axie and guild of guardians.

这是一个有趣的想法 :star_struck: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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