Ex-Y Combinator hoping to help grow Web3's improved version :)

  • Applicant: Janusz Tucki


I am hoping to assist DAOSquare with any marketing, community and growth projects.

What have you worked on / how have you contributed to DAOSquare community.

I have worked with a number of tech startups building their growth capabilities. Namely, scaling an APAC-based consultancy’s customer base, and overseeing a Y Combinator startup’s revenue and community programs until its acquisition.

Why do you want to join DAOSquare?

DAOSquare’s mission to be a resource for all, independent of one’s social status, is why I want to join. I’ve found my way into a startup scene that only supports the well connected, and those who adhere to the locale’s unofficial social contract. This experience has left me disenchanted with the current incubator model, and I want to be a resource for anyone who is looking to solve pressing problems through innovation.

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cooool, could you share more about your info? such as Twitter, Linkdlin, or anything can show you🤩 thanks!

I dm’d you my LinkedIn within the discord :slight_smile:

emmm… basically, i blocked all massage from non-friend in discord, plus, maybe we should show more info to all members of DAOSquare not me only :upside_down_face:

Okay, I understand! Here’s a link to my LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ian-sagstetter-961440131/

I do all of my social media and interactions outside of LinkedIn under my Polish name, which explains the name difference

great! thank you! Cacique @StampSoda will organize the members of DAOSquare to discuss your proposal, and will get the result soon, thank you Janusz!

Great! Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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Hi, Janus! Thank you for contacting us! Would you please leave your contact information? Discord or telegram would be great.

Of course! Here’s my contact information:

Discord: januszvine#0040

Telegram: @januszvine

regarding Ex-Y Combinator you mentioned, we might need some solid proof that shows your experience. According to your LinkedIn page, I haven’t seen related record. Would you please provide more detail info?

That’s regarding the experience mentioned at the bottom of this comment, highlighted on my LinkedIn. I was hired by PersistIQ’s CEO to run their sales and community programs. The role expanded when the CEO left two weeks after I joined, and then I worked with his replacement on all things RevOps, which included sales, marketing and community projects.

I was with them until their acquisition, and then worked with Wishpond’s Chief Product Officer on the transition post-acquisition. The reason I don’t highlight it is that my full-time employer requested that I don’t.

I can provide contact information for the former CEO and former General Manager for references. I wasn’t the founder, and if the subject line in this message suggested that, I apologize for the confusion.

Mention on my LinkedIn:

Consultant, Revenue Operations & Community @ PersistIQ

It started as a small project, took an unexpected turn, and became a pretty extensive nighttime side hustle. It was a tough, but valuable learning experience.

My first time in user enablement, content creation, and a closing sales role. I co-lead these programs until PersistIQ was acquired by Wishpond. Wishpond on LinkedIn: Wishpond Completes the Acquisition of PersistIQ Inc., a Profitable

Title: Head of Community & Revenue Operations

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加油!中文社区也会越来越好 :star_struck:


希望中文社区越来越强大! :star_struck:


cool,more and more outstanding talents have joined

We’re currently not looking for such role, however I would like to welcome you to DAOSquare. I’m looking forward to see your activities in our discord channel.