Gamut - The DAO Focused DEX

Gamut lets approved DAO tokens act like the exchange’s native token, transforming DAO tokens into yield-bearing DeFi assets, providing deeper liquidity, utility, and opportunity for DAOs and their members.

The Gamut Exchange is LIVE on the main net, audited by a top 100 global auditing firm, and finalizing our tokenomic structure pending feedback from our growing list of DAO partners. We are actively integrating high-fidelity DAO assets like the DAOSquare RICE token into the Gamut Exchange.

Email: [email protected]

What: Gamut is a Balancer-inspired AMM that lets approved DAO tokens act like the native token within the exchange. This process turns DAO tokens into yield-bearing assets, improving their liquidity and desirability and accelerating the growth of Web3-centric work and payment.

In addition to its DAO-centric nature, Gamut’s weighted systems minimize impermanent loss for liquidity providers while maximizing profits for traders via low trading fees and slippage. The confluences of Gamut’s technical innovations and focus on the social layer of Web3 provide a uniquely positioned service offering that accelerates the wider adoption of payment in DAO tokens and other Web3 assets.

Why: Recent on-chain analysis revealed that over 60% of DAOs currently have 80% or more of their treasuries allocated to a single asset, often the DAOs’ native token. This disproportionate portfolio composition arises due to a lack of clear utility and yield-generating opportunities for DAO tokens. Subsequently, DAO members and outsiders are less willing to accept the native token as a means of payment. Applications facilitating yield-bearing opportunities for high-fidelity DAOs and their native assets will strongly benefit the social layer of Web3 and accelerate wider industry adoption.

The Gamut team is deeply convinced that, since most people require social validation to sustain belief, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) will play the most crucial role in Web3 education and onboarding. We aim to accelerate this process and maximize the utility and value of high-fidelity DAO tokens for their communities, Gamut users, and the entire industry. Our vision is a fully interoperable digital future where social and financial interactions are frictionless.

How: Gamut empowers high-fidelity DAO communities to leverage their native assets as yield-bearing tools to fundamentally transform the social layers of Web3. Gamut is the first DeFi exchange to take the ethos of decentralization a step further by facilitating inclusive treasury distribution. To accomplish this, Gamut splits its portion of exchange yield equally between the exchange native token and approved DAO tokens.

Any approved DAO token can be staked in the Gamut exchange to receive yield from trading fees. DAO token holders can, but are not obligated to, stake Gamut’s native token in parallel with their DAO tokens to increase their yield. Additionally, Gamut increases a DAO’s total share of yield based on their DAO token’s liquidity pool size. This approach helps DAO communities achieve deeper liquidity, immediate DAO token utility, and yield-generation, and cements Gamut as the preferred exchange for DAOs based on these inclusive benefits.

Takeaway: As outlined above, the supermajority of DAO tokens are static, community-specific assets akin to club member points. Gamut transforms them into dynamic yield-bearing assets whose future projected cash flows can be leveraged and borrowed against. By including high-fidelity DAO treasuries in the profit distribution of Gamut and empowering their native tokens with utility, we have positioned Gamut to maximize our market share of the rapidly growing social layer of Web3.

Funding: Gamut is asking for $7500 to build out the initial smart contract MVP of the DAO token bonding desk within the Gamut Exchange. These funds will partially cover the costs incurred during the contract development, testing, and deployment process.

Milestones and Payment:

  1. Statement of work regarding smart contract parameters and definition of requirements
  • $2500
  1. Develop smart contract outlined in the statement of work for integration into Gamut’s existing smart contract stack
  • $5000

Thanks for the application. The DAO focused DEX is a great idea, and happy to see you are working on it. This proposal will be in the workflow of the grant, and please keep eyes on the progress. also if you are in the DAOSquare discord, we can discuss it in EN channel. keep going!

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That sounds great! I joined Discord this weekend, and I’m looking forward to engaging and learning more about how we can help accelerate the future of DAOs! :grinning:

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Dear Mr. Patziggy, according to the On-Chain Voting in the handbook, the results are as follows: Snapshot