Initiate a community call 37th

According to the handbook-Discord-Events, community call Initiated at the request of the community.

Recently, DAOSquare has been continuously updated

DAOSquare is tentatively scheduled to hold the 37th Community Call on Discord at (April 9, 2023) 20:00 (UTC +8)
The topics of this community meeting are:

  1. Recent work progress and future plans of DAOSquare
  2. Free discussion

If you want to know more details, if you are interested in participating in the community call, please leave a message or like it at the bottom of the forum


nice,I support you always.

good things are about to happen :smiling_face:

Cool, looking forward to seeing it.

cool, looking forward to see it.

Amazing! I said I like it like that :slightly_smiling_face:

I will come and support the development of the community.

I want to join the team