[Interaction Designer] MONO applies for the membership of DAOSquare

Thread Title: [Interaction Designer] applies for the membership of DAOSquare

Name: Mono
Contact: Mono#0509 (discord)
other website:

Skills: Interaction Design, UI/UX Design, Visual Design
**How can you contribute to DAOSquare(Product?Marketing?Content creation? or others): It may be about content creation, but it is not limited to this area. **
DAO/blockchain-related work you have done in the past: Help for online digital exhibitions, if it counts.

Why do you want to join DAOSquare:
Providing ideas and proposals.

ERC-20 address: 0x47c6DC61745bfD30E32BC959C4C14620f0622Df9
Other information:

Hi, I cant find your account of DAOSquare group, would you plz leave other contact info?

You can contact me via email, [email protected].
I’ll leave a message in the membership application channel on DC.
If it’s better for you, to keep using DC in handy.

Cool! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: