JustDonate —— Charity infrastructure based on DAO


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What’s your project or idea?
Justdonate builds a trusted network based on conflux network. By interacting with the smart contract on the chain to process the donation demand, all the donation and donation processes are saved in the blockchain, so that the use of materials and funds is open, transparent, tamper proof and traceable. Anyone can verify the authenticity at any time through the corresponding block hash of each link, And the platform introduces the concept of decentralized governance, which effectively avoids the problems of corruption, fraud and abuse of funds in the traditional operation mode of charity.


Why do you think it’s valuable or cool?
The problems of traditional public welfare:

First, there are too many middlemen between the donor and the ultimate beneficiary. From the flow chart, we can see that a donation goes through multiple links to the recipient. Too many middlemen lead to inefficiency and the timely distribution of donations.
Second, the public transparency of the use of funds is low and the announcement is not timely. According to acountancyn daily, the public is losing trust in charities. Time China also reported Qin Feife’s embezzlement of charitable funds. It is difficult for the public to check and supervise the use of funds raised by charities.
Thirdly, the donation can hardly be traced. The Wu Huayan incident is only a case in point, and tens of thousands of people in urgent need of funding can not receive the due donation. At the beginning of the epidemic, the Red Cross Society of Hubei Province was questioned for unfair distribution of donated materials, overstocking of donated materials, and low distribution efficiency.
The above three types of problems fully show that the current public welfare organizations need to improve the mechanism and enhance the credibility. Therefore, we propose the concept of decentralized charity and build justdonate. The four functions of the platform are to provide traceability and transparency of capital and logistics flow, bypass intermediaries and reduce information operation costs, improve the efficiency of charity management, and make Dao decisions open and transparent, To prevent an organization from operating public welfare projects.


How do you achieve it?
This our product flowchart.

We have developed this product for several months. Check our beta code and make suggestions!


Do you need funds? if so, plz fill out the amount and how to use it.
Amount: 10k XDAI
How to use:
We are small indie team which has over one year blockchain development experience.Our members who were familiar with AMM, bonding curve and other mechanisms participated in defi project development .
We need fund to support development and NPO marketing.
At the same time, we are looking for professionals who are familiar with legal policies and finance to help us improve the compliance of our products.
If you are interested in our project, please contact us for a detailed business plan.

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Welcome to DAOSquare community and thanks for applying!

sounds good, and happy to see more explorations in donation space! and i have a bit question, if JustDonate wanna handle the trust and middleman problem, what do you think Moloch? imo, Moloch is working on this. or what do you think the problem of Moloch?

cool idea, I will choose the cool project and support its development