KWEER (Inclusive Mental Health App) - DAOsquare Grant Application

Company Name: KWEER Mental Health
Founder: Dominic Muhammad
Twitter: N/A
Discord: Dominic_Muhammad#0188


KWEER is an inclusive digital mental health app which aims to solve various mental health
problems affecting a wide demographic of LGBTQIA+ people, at the same time protecting their interests digitally through the implementation of web 3 technology.

It is a mobile application where LGBTQIA+ people across the globe who lack access to therapy care as a result of heteronormativity in the health sector can get personal therapy sessions from mental health professionals from advanced countries in the world. Our platform is a safe haven where users can come online and have conversations with professional mental health experts like they would with their peers.


Our implementation of web 3 technology allows us to guarantee security of users’ data, as data theft and security breaching have been recurrent themes in the mHealth industry. Since blockchain technology relies on a distributed network there is no one point of failure, blockchain removes the vulnerable single points exploited by hackers.

The integration of web 3 technology into our mHealth application gives us a competitive advantage over other digital mental health platforms, because through the use of smart contracts we are able provide secure transfer of health records and other confidential data between the patients and the doctors on the platform.

We also plan on integrating an in-app crypto-based payment system to allow users pay for
our services and also benefit from lower transaction costs(meaning faster, cheaper and better healthcare). Also, allowing users to subscribe to the KWEER service via their crypto wallets will protect them from hackers who steal credit card and banking information.


Over the years there has been an increase in the number of queer people experiencing mental health issues as a result of homonegativity, homophobia and heteronormativity. Internalized homophobia as a result of religious, societal and cultural prejudice is the leading cause of suicide amongst young queer people around the globe. They have learned to fear and hate anything associated with homosexuality, so when they find out that they may be queer, they risk turning those negative attitudes inwards towards themselves by means such as increased incidence of depression, suicidal, thoughts and attempts, and substance abuse.

KWEER’s goal is to connect LGBTQIA+ individuals living in societies and in conditions which are unfavorable to queer people, with mental health professionals. This way, they can practice healthy thought processes.

After brainstorming sessions and conducting multiple interviews with potential users, we decided to come up with features that we believe would best suit our users.

1. Stories Feed


  • Users can read the personal experiences shared by other users on the platform.
  • Many people usually use the internet to look for advice and information about topics that concern them. This feature allows them to have full access to stories from different people in different parts of the world.
  • We have adapted the infinite scroll UI pattern as it is better suited for the exploration of content.
  • Users can scroll through the feed and discover people’s coming out stories, success stories etc., that have been shared anonymously.
  • It also has a bookmark feature which allows users to bookmark posts which they wish to re-visit.
  • The bookmark page can be accessed by clicking on the bookmark icon. It contains all posts bookmarked by the user.

2. Therapists


  • Features a list of mental health professionals who specialize in various fields of psychotherapy.
  • Therapists from various countries in Europe and North America who have volunteered to feature on the platform appear on this page.
  • Users can log on at any time and find therapists who are online and ready for friendly conversations (Sessions).
  • Users will always find therapists online whenever they come log on as the therapists stay in various timezones.
  • Users also have the ability to search for particular therpaist whose names they already know.
  • Users can also filter their search results by various options like: years of experience, area of specialization, country of residence.

3. Podcasts


  • Consists of various pre-recorded podcasts from doctors on the platform which users can listen to and get motivativated to go through life, they can also gain valuable knowledge on certain subjects by listening to these podcasts.
  • Users can also reach out to the health expert who posted the podcast.

4. Journal


  • The journal feature allows users to anonymously share stories of their personal experiences.
  • Online anonymousity allows people to express themselves freely. People tend to reveal more about themselves when they feel secure and fully anonymous.
  • Users have access to all stories which they have previously shared on the platform in their ‘journal’.

5. Sessions


  • Users have unlimited messaging with their therapists.
  • The sessions page is a landing page for conversations.
  • The sessions page and the chat page both have an easy-to-navigate interface.
  • Users can have sessions with their therapists in a way that makes them feel like they are having a regular conversation with a friend. This is to help allow the users to feel safe and more comfortable to share deep informations about themselves.
  • The chat page has features to bolster productivity in chat sessions: video calls, voice recordings, voice calls and sharing of documents.


Incase figma isn’t available, we have put up a demo video of the KWEER prototype on youtube, here is a LINK


Estimated project duration: 16 weeks (4 months)

We are applying for 35,000xDAI (equivalent to $35,000 USD) in funding from the DAOsquare Grants program, in order to to cover the development of our minimum-viable product. We have chosen to build a lean, user-centric MVP.
We wish to firstly build an MVP simple enough to test the feasibility of our idea while satisfying the needs of the customers.
We will be out-sourcing development to a software company with deep-expertise in building MVPs.


  • UX/UI design reiteration
  • Copywriting
  • Development of core features
  • App testing
  • Branding
  • Third-party integrations
  • Infrastructural costs like hosting. (The payment for server)
  • Purchase of certain tech equipment

Thank you for your dedication to continue the use of web 3 technology in bettering the lives of people. We believe incorporating KWEER into DAOsquare could bring a bit of diversity to the incubator. Thanks as you support us in achieving our goal of bringing to life a product that cuts across two major sectors in the world. (Healthcare and WEB 3)

Thank you for your application. We are building our incubator product - Phoenix which is in the test period, you can keep an eye on our announcement and welcome to submit your project on Phoenix.

Thanks. I look forward to sending in my application via the new platform.

Hi Emily,

If you don’t mind disclosing, I’d like to know when I can expect the launch of the phoenix platform.


Hi, Phoenix will launch officially in 2023, you can notice the announcement of DAOSquare~