Launch a DAO for community

Discord Account: Typto#7037


Launch a DAO to move forward the community governance to the next stage.

  • Any community members can submit a proposal on it.
  • Cafeteria can use it to run the proposal and vote better.


For now, DAOSquare community governance is off-chain. It’s not open and transparent enough. It makes many decisions invisible. It also somewhat deters those who want to understand and participate. It’s not perfect. So, we need to provide a way to run the proposal and vote more open and transparent.

Currently, DAOSquare is rebuilding the community mechanism around operations and governance, which will help DAOSquare move towards better community-based governance. So I wanna submit a proposal to launch a DAO for community governance.

  • Community members can express suggestions.
  • Cafeteria can collect suggestions via this DAO.
  • Everyone can follow and monitor every proposal.
  • We can get the record for community governance.
  • more…


We need to

  • Choose a DAO tool to do this.
    Option A: DAOhaus
    Option B: Snapshot
    Option C: Aragon Voice
  • Mechanism design for proposal.

Please put your idea here to discuss!


是的,我们需要找到一个最简单最易操作的机制和工具。相比 DAOhaus 而言 Snapshot 更容易操作,不过它可能存在未来扩展性的问题,DAOhaus 提供了丰富的组件可以实现很丰富的功能。这一点需要咱们权衡。


The announcement
The results of Proposal #5 are available:

  1. Whether we should enable on-chain governance from now?
    A: Yes: 13 votes
    B: No, 2 votes

  2. The selection of on-chain governance tools
    A. DAOhaus 8 votes
    B. Snapshot 3 votes
    C. Aragon Voice 0 votes
    D. DAOhaus and Snapshot 0 votes

We will begin to launch the on-chain governace by DAOhaus soon.
The proposal now is entering a grace period of one day. It will be implemented on February 25.