Meeting suggestion: The future of DAO²


Since it launched in 2019, DAO² has been working to introduce the insights, research, organization, and projects of DAOs from West to the East, includes Aragon, Moloch, MetaCartel, DAOhaus, and more. As of today, 386 articles have been published.

Today, there are more contributors in East dedicated to spreading and creating richer content. At the same time, with the upcoming launch of the DAOSquare incubator, we have an obligation to help more people understand decentralized venture capital and crypto entrepreneurship, and help them participate in and benefit from the ecosystem better. Just as we did in the DAO space before. So, DAO² should adjust its direction of efforts and focus on decentralized venture capital and crypto entrepreneurship.

This is a macro decision, and how to implement it specifically? It’s the topic of this community call.


  • The goal and plan of DAOSquare Incubator.
  • How DAO² operates around the goal and plan of the DAOSquare incubator.
  • The operation mechanism discussion.

Date & Time

03/11/2023 10PM UTC+8