Metaversity (The College of Web3) - OVO Grant Application

Company/Project Name: Metaversity


Metaversity is the college of web3. We’re the first community-based education platform focused on empowering individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to make income in web3. Metaversity’s content is built out using pedagogy, or the educational theory behind what helps people actually learn and retain information. Our courses are amplified by subject matter experts and interactive content that will help learners take away key skills that can be used in practice.

As we began to see technology permeate other industries and aspects of our lives, we realized that web3 can provide many new financial opportunities. However, the content available to learn about how to take advantage of these opportunities lacks credibility, reliability, and transparency. Web3 and blockchain technology has the ability to alter nearly every industry globally and we are seeking to support individuals as they look to use this new industry to their advantage.

Metaversity’s goal is to help individuals learn and find a way to build wealth in web3. Our core mission is rooted in the expansion of web3 technology and education around it to ensure individuals are aware of their options when it comes to earning an income and the various ways it can be obtained with this new technology. Additionally, each course has a corresponding micro-community for students to interact and engage with each other about the course topic.

Funding Milestones & Payment
We launched our NFTs in February 2022 to gather enough funds to begin to build out our course content. We are requesting the 10k OVO grant to continue the completion of our roadmap, specifically solidifying our proof of concept and existing course promotion and development. The remainder of our major milestones are below:

1 - Launch the NFT Trading Course (Complete)
This course was made available to holders for free and for non-holders to purchase in July.

2 - Launch the Staking & Lending Crypto Course (Complete)
This course was made available to holders for free and for non-holders to purchase in August.

3 - Complete roll out of Third Course (Portfolio Construction for High Risk Investments)
The content for this course has been sourced and the outline has been created. However, we are going to evaluate the performance of the first two courses before investing more resources into another investment-related course. We want to be agile and adapt the course topics based on demand/interest from the market and our community.

  • Instructional design: $5000
  • Subject matter expert: $2000
  • Content/project manager: $2500
  • Marketing: $3000-$6000
  • Budget: $12500 - $15500

4 - Web3 Security Course Development:
launch a highly requested micro-credential course on web3 security with a partner project–allows us to do joint marketing efforts.

  • Instructional design: $4000
  • Subject matter expert: $2500
  • Content/project manager: $2500
  • Marketing: $3000-$6000
  • Budget: $12000 - $15000

Typically, each course takes 8 - 12 weeks for full development. Courses can be somewhat developed in parallel (but not perfectly, because we do have a small core team). Each phase of course development is as follows:

  • Course outline development and Subject Matter Expert Interviews: 1-2 weeks
  • Initial course storyboard: 2 weeks
  • Rough draft course development: 3-4 weeks
  • Subject Matter Expert review and Final Course Development: 2-3 weeks

The Metaversity team is made up of a range of us with different backgrounds, all of which compliment one another as we tackle this project together. Luis is our CEO. He has over 5 years of experience in multiple tech startups including being a product lead at a fortune 1000 company. He has a real knack for product management both from a technical and customer facing standpoint. Alexis (Tex) is our Head of Community and has over 6 years of professional experience managing communications and association/community relations with Fortune 500 companies. Matt is our head developer who has built several successful startups having served as CTO, CEO and currently as CPO for his own SaaS company. Finally we have Joe, our Strategic Education Technology Advisor who also runs a successful web2 edtech startup serving millions of students nationwide. Collectively The team has built multiple 8 figure tech businesses, built education technology platforms that serve millions of students, worked at some of the largest tech companies in the world, and run marketing efforts that have reached millions. We have the perfect blend of experience to tackle the web3 education industry and are already doing just that.

Thank you for your time and attention to this as we continue to help people learn and grow in the web3 space.

The Metaversity Team

Thank you for your reply. we will organize community discuss later

By the way, we will launch our incubator product - “Phoenix” soon, please keep an eye on our announcement and welcome to join and submit your project. :handshake:

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