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What’s your project or idea?

MindStreamers is a Metaverse startup in the eLearning sector. We strive to create a world where every person can realize their full potential and have equal opportunities for success and fulfillment. Our innovative solution, which leverages blockchain technology, VR and AI, enables coaching providers to attract more paying customers by creating a tangible sense of physical presence, overcoming language barriers and expanding their global reach. By accelerating and enhancing the learning journey for customers, we maximize learning outcomes and differentiate providers from their competition.


Why do you think it’s valuable or cool?

What´s so cool about Mindstreamers, is the utilization of VR technology to create more effective coaching offerings in Web3. By the ability to create immersive coaching products in VR, consumers can reach a deeper level of interaction and immersion, resulting in an intense learning and coaching experience.

The main difference between our non-crypto competitors and us is that in the products they offer, the participant is only a spectator and cannot be an active part of the training. This can be compared to watching a movie on television. How many viewers remember what was told or explained there? In our opinion, the role of the purely consuming student does not generate optimal learning success. More interaction is needed so that our brains can process & store this better. With our immersive products in 3D and Virtual Reality, the user is involved in the learning content. This allows us to significantly increase learning effectiveness. Several studies have shown that people’s attention span is getting smaller. How quickly do you get distracted by your cell phone or the conversation of your colleagues and end up doing something else than you originally wanted to do? This phenomenon also affects 2D formats that are played in front of a screen. With VR glasses, however, things are different: there is no cell phone that distracts the consumer. In our metaverse, the user is a part of the world and - as long as he has the VR goggles on - he only sees this reality. We have found in our own tests that the attention span is much higher than in the real world. This creates completely new learning opportunities for us.

Through virtual reality, we are able to offer additional coaching products online that our non-crypto competitors do not provide. These include virtual seminars and 1:1 coaching sessions with clients from anywhere in the world without having to be physically present.

We translate all the products we offer into the world’s most popular languages. This way we expand the amount of potential clients for each provider and thus globalize the local coaching markets.

We are not aware of any competitor in the crypto and Web3 space that focuses on personal development industry and not on education in general.


How do you achieve it?

Mindstreamers will provide a Metaverse platform for educators and experts not only in the field of cryptocurrencies and Web3 to share their knowledge and insights with a wide audience but every imaginable topic. By offering live streaming sessions, interactive workshops, and on-demand educational content, we will make learning about these complex topics more accessible, breaking down barriers to entry and enabling individuals from diverse backgrounds to engage in educational experiences.

Through our platform, we will connect learners with experienced coaches and mentors. This personalized guidance will help individuals navigate the complexities of blockchain technology, understand its functionalities, and explore the various opportunities it presents. By facilitating these coaching relationships, we aim to accelerate the learning process and empower individuals to make informed decisions within the cryptocurrency space.


Do you need funds? if so, plz fill out the amount and how to use it.

Amount: 10,000 XDAI
How to use:

  1. Frontend and Backend Development of Mindstreamers V 1.0 ($8,000):
  • Salary of our experienced developers and engineers to build the robust frontend and backend infrastructure of the Mindstreamers platform.
  • Development of user-friendly interfaces, live streaming capabilities, and interactive features to enhance user experience.
  • Testing, bug fixing, and continuous improvement to ensure a seamless streaming platform.
  1. Onboarding of Streamers and Coaches ($2,000):
  • Building a streamlined onboarding process to attract talented streamers and coaches in the crypto educational sector to the Mindstreamers platform.
  • Conducting outreach campaigns to engage with influencers and content creators, emphasizing the unique opportunities and benefits provided by Mindstreamers.
  • Offering incentives and support for streamers and coaches during the onboarding phase to facilitate their transition to our platform.


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