Proposal - DAO Ecosystem Landscape


DAO Ecosystem Landscape is a intergrator for DAOs, including the navigator of projects/orgs/people, infrastructures/tools, contents, and more. It’s community-driven, owned, managed, and governed by DAOSquare community. It will realized by two steps:

  • Alpha - Infomation stage. Collecte info about DAOs by DAOSquare community and build a website to show them.
  • 1.0 - Interactable and governable. Anyone can submit info or create a DAO info, and any RICE holder can participate in the management and governance for these infos based on a RICE-driven governance model.


DAO will get a big rise on 2022. It means there will be a huge numbers DAOs born, on the other hand there will be many noise here. So I think it’s important to build a governable ecosystem landscape.

  • The addition of community governance and economic models can filter out those scams and allow for higher quality aggregators.
  • Economic models can maintain the network and make it sustainable.

And the other key point is that DAO is not just about the data, but more about the culture. This is the direction of this project I proposed. I hope DAOSquare can build a different product that shows more about the wonderful and interesting things about DAO, and help people understand DAO better.


There will be two steps to realize this goal:

  • Information collection via Notion (the template was ready)
  • Build a website

Who lead it?

  • I hope Cafeteria lead this

Roles we need:

  • Collector - collect info about DAOs
  • Developer - for website


  • Need to discuss it further

这里的 “Build a website” 是指DAOMap的项目介绍网站吗?还是项目本身功能的website?



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你提的建议非常好!我们目前正在梳理 DAOSquare 在理念传达、社区运营、品牌等方面的的事情,争取节后有一次更新!