Proposal - Governance workflow of Cafeteria

Applicant: Typto
Discord: Typto#7037

What is Cafeteria

Cafeteria is a community governance module. It’s the first step towards community-driven governance for DAOSquare. Check the details of Cafeteria👇




Step1: Submit a proposal
Anyone can/need to submit a proposal to give the suggestion or plan about the DAOSquare community. Pls jump in our forum → Cafeteria to submit your proposal (follow the template).

Step2: Discussion
If you submitted a proposal, pls share it in DAOSquare Discord → Cafeteria → #TownHall. And calling other community members to join the discussion of your proposal.

At the same time, the Cafeteria members must keep eyes on these proposals in #TownHall and participate in the discussions to get the voice of the community.

  • Period of Discussion: 3days

Step3: TownHal Call

  • Cafeteria or community members want more details about the proposal
  • The proposal is highly controversial

Cafeteria needs to launch a town hall meeting.

Step4: Vote
In stage1, the voting is off-chain (in Discord). Cafeteria member submits a vote in #backroom and set emoji below:

  • :+1: = YES
  • :-1: = NO
  • Period of Discussion: 1day

Will be on-chain when the TributeDAO launch

Step5: Announce
When the proposal passed, Cafeteria needs to announce it in #TownHall, and the proposal into the grace period.

  • Period of Grace: 1day
  • Any community member can apply for reconsideration in grace period. If the voice is high, Cafeteria needs to return to Step3.

Step6: Action
When the grace period passed, the proposal will be done. The proposal will be implemented whether the proposal succeeds or fails.

Step7: Monitoring
Any community member can monitor the action of proposals. If you think there is any problems with proposal implementation, pls submit your proposal.


Feel free to leave your feedback here!


加入食堂的条件,DKP Genesis NFT 只有 bad ass么 ,可以worse ass和worst ass么

不可以呢,只能用 bad ass。因为从技术实现上,目前的合约无法定一个一个 NFT 的兑换条件是 A 或者 B,该功能将在下一个版本更新。

Step5 是返回 Step3 还是 2?

1 - 返回 3,因为质疑声很高其实就是从讨论中体现出来的,所以返回 3,社区食堂需要启动会议来解释或者接受社区的挑战。
2 - 一定会存在,但这属于极端情况,理想的状态是社区食堂可以实现平衡,至于极端情况如何处理,老实说我还没有完美的方案,或者走到那一步我们就有了!