Proposal - make avatars of cafeteria members

Applicant:HeroCao Discord Account:HeroCao#0206

I have a simple idea. According to the workflow, now I submit the proposal, and then I will share it with you at the #townhall of the cafeteria in discord for discussion. Three days later, I will launch a vote in #townhall. If it is passed successfully, it will be implemented.

After the establishment of the community cafeteria, we urgently need to quickly build a structure and operate in an orderly manner. The contents involving business methods are more complicated. We may have to run in, explore and try for a period of time before we can achieve a good running state.
Before that, we need something to bring everyone together and show our positive state to the community.

Proposal content:
I suggest making a set of cartoon avatars of 14 members and generating NFT. First, after setting up a community cafeteria, members can make an overall appearance as meta; Second, it can be applied in community avatars and activity posters; Third, in the Web3 era, NFT avatars may be used as an identification tool to facilitate identification.
It is suggested that the official NFT produced by daosquare guild be distributed to show the official recognition. Based on the considerations of cost saving, supporting xdai and maintaining the consistency of NFT of other projects, it is recommended to publish NFT on xdai.
I voluntarily claim the cartoon avatar production of 14 members free of charge. The matters requiring the cooperation of canteen members are: providing personal photos (for privacy reasons, faces can be hidden, and cartoons are mainly distinguished in clothing).

Matters requiring resolution:

  1. Do you agree to make 14 community canteen members’ avatars and make them NFT?
  2. Do you agree to apply avatars to community avatars, posters and other publicity materials and NFT avatars?
  3. Do you agree that herocao will undertake the production of 14 avatars free of charge?
  4. Do you agree that daosquare guild is responsible for making NFT on xdai and distributing it?

Cafeteria Avator NFT is SWEAT idea! totally support it personally. there is a question for the avator. basically we have 2 ways to create the avator NFT:

  • based on real avatars of the members
  • a style that represents a culture such as ape or cryptopunk

is there a more funny stuff if embark on the 2rd way? for example, we can launch a DAOSquare community avatar? there are some series such as cafeteria community contributors and others.

just put some idea here!


  • 统一的头像对于内部和外部都没有明显的好处:

    • 内部:统一的头像类似于制服,对于我们这样的组织似乎不需要那么强的统一性、自我认同和归属感等等。
    • 外部:统一的头像有利于推广,但是这似乎大多数用于头像类的项目本身的推广,DAOSquare 自己的视觉元素没有那么强,统一的头像也很难让别人联想到这就是 DAOSquare。
  • 市面上有那么多头像类的项目,用自己喜欢的即可。如果设计出来的头像本人不喜欢怎么办?

  • 14 个创始成员之后的食堂成员怎么办?总不能新加入一个就给 ta 设计一个。如果只有前 14 人有这个头像,是否过于强化了创始成员的地位,我觉得后来成员和创始成员应尽可能的平等,这甚至可以作为一个独立的议题。