Proposal - Membership of Community Cafeteria

Since we posted the proposal for the DAOSquare Community Cafeteria(, many community members have made suggestions and had in-depth discussions at Discord. Based on these discussions and suggestions, we have drafted a new proposal that focuses on the criteria for Genesis members.

The admission of the 18 Genesis members of the Community Cafeteria is option A or option B

Option A (10ppl)

  • DKP1:100
  • DKP2:1000
  • DKP3:2
  • DKP Genesis NFT: Bad Ass

Option B (8ppl)

  • DKP:100
  • DKP2:100
  • DKP3:20
    DKP Genesis NFT: Bad Ass

As for the DKP3, it is currently available only for simple acts of participation in events. On the other hand, there’re many enthusiastic members who have been actively helping DAOSquare to build the community since the DAOSquare Discord community started, so I’d like to suggest additional DKP3 rewards for these great members.

This proposal will have a 24-hour discussion period. if there are no objections, will be launched! so, pls leave your suggestions in here quickly!

What is DKP?

DKP website

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