Proposal - Monthly Disclosure to the Cafeteria Members

Applicant: DRD
Discord Account: DRD#3133

Proposal Story:
In order to promote the process of DAOSquare to DAO , to hug the supervision by all community in the future…

We believe the more cafeteria memebers realized first, the more participanted next.

According to the Token Safe Harbor Proposal 2.0 act promulgated by the USSEC, blockchain companies are required to make detail information disclosure on a regular basis.

Ten specific contents are disclosed in the act:

(1) Source code

(2) Transaction records

(3) Development plan

(4) Token sales before listing (Nasdaq)

(5) Prompt statement for Token buyers.

(6) Token trading platform.

(7) As the developer team and pre-ipo Token holder. The following information is also required:

(A) Names, relevant experience, qualifications, attributes of responsibility and business skills of the development team members;

(B) The number or rights of tokens owned by each member of the development team and a description of transferable restrictions on tokens held by that member;

(C) If any member or associated person of the development team is entitled in the future to acquire the Token in a manner different from that obtained by a third party, then the manner in which such person and the Token will be acquired in the future needs to be explained.

(8) The development team must provide a brief description of the Token’s network purpose, relevant contracts and agreements, and the steps to operate them.

(9) Development team sales of tokens. Each time a member of the development team sells more than 5% of the tokens at any one time, he/she must state in writing the date of sale, the number of tokens sold, and the identity of the vendor.

(10) Related party transaction.

Proposal content:
DAOSquare Development team should make the disclosure to cafeteria memeber on a regular basis.

Content: (3)+(6)+(7)+(9) in the Token Safe Harbor Proposal 2.0 ACT

Place: “Backroom” in DAOSquare Discord

Circle: Monthy

Language: English/Chinese

Matters requiring resolution:

1.Do you agree DAOSquare Development Team should make the disclosure to cafeteria memeber on a regular basis?

2.Do you agree the disclosure should be make in dual language and on a basis of month?