Proposal: open a fast channel for proposal resolution

Applicant:HeroCao Discord Account:HeroCao#0206
Proposal content:
In order to improve the operation efficiency of cafeteria, it is suggested to allow the proposal to be decided through the fast channel, so that the matters with high consensus or urgent time can be passed and implemented quickly.
It is recommended that after the proposal is initiated and forwarded to the city hall,with 18 votes,the proposal can be adopted and take effect immediately without waiting for a three-day discussion period.
Matters requiring resolution:

  1. Do you agree that the proposal will be decided through the express channel?
  2. Do you agree to pass by 18 votes as the effective condition?

Great way, DAOhaus just add the same mechanism in their proposal flow. it’s a important optimization for the community governance

1、2 全部赞成。