Proposal - Restitute DKP3 for community contributors

Applicant: Typto
Discord Account: Typto#7037


This is a proposal to restitute DKP3 for those community contributors prior to the DKP launch.


Based on the concept of DKP, any contribution needs to be recorded and rewarded. So we are building and exploring the mechanisms for DKP. But there are some omissions here. Since we launched the community at Discord in May 2021, some community members made a lot of efforts to help co-build the DAOSquare community and for the health of the community. But they are not recored in the DKP. So, I hope to submit a proposal to restitute DKP3 for these community contributors.


Step1: Collection period - 48 hours

  • I will submit a contributors list here now.
  • Anyone can leave your suggestion including add the contributors.
  • I will make a final list.

Step2: Announce - 12 hours

  • Announce in Discord and Twitter
  • Anyone can file an objection for the final list, and submit a proposal to change it.

Step3: Prize the DKPs to those contributors in final list


Discord Account DKP3 Reason
3.G#0994 20 Active, Helpful, Lots of valuable advice
verygud#8258 20 Active, Helpful, Valuable advice
HeroCao#0206 13 Active, Helpful, Valuable advice
Pop Mart#5879 6 Active, Helpful
SNode#9966 18 Active, Helpful, Valuable advice
pzai#5747 3 Valuable advice
HansZhou#9668 5 Active, Helpful
kellyyahuiyu#1232 5 Active, Helpful
500bitcoins (:space_invader:, :space_invader:)#0682 12 Helpful, Valuable advice
Fingerprincess#7054 6 Helpful, Valuable advice
colcha#9126 12 Active, Helpful, Valuable advice
BrandyBlack#5403 7 Helpful, Valuable advice
razaq_crypto#2248 16 Active, Helpful, Valuable advice
b89#8416 8 Helpful, Valuable advice
CryptoDonkey#9807 5 Helpful, Valuable advice
Lijah#8472 3 Helpful
Tofu#4892 5 Helpful, Valuable advice
seniorcitizen#3730 10 Helpful, Valuable advice
Sonnie#4669 5 Valuable advice
minepop#3921 5 Active, Helpful

Feel free to leave your suggestion here!


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