Will daosquare be multi-chain DAO

Hey bro , I am a BUIDL and i research on layer2 recently . I think multi-chain should be a part of daosquare’s roadmap.

Ethereum’s gas price is so hight that most of meaningful activities will be suppressed like game , dao vote and others .

If daosquare be multi-chain , we should think about two basical problem 1. State Consistency ; 2. Legitimacy .

What is State Consistency ? I think it is the state of dapp . Take uniswap as a example , uniswap is a dex and should keep all token price consistency wen crossing chain . Take daohaus more example , daohaus is a dao tool and it should keep dao menber’s vote weight consistency wen crossing chain.

And what is Legitimacy ? it is ref vitalik’s article The Most Important Scarce Resource is Legitimacy . Since different chain are equivalent to a new continent , someone will deploy the contract to the new chain in addition to the promoter and steal innovator’s benefit .

So how can we solve them , i think it will be an open question .

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Hey, it’s a cool idea, honesty, we always thinking about it, but we need to face many tech problem. do you have any idea for the solutions?

hey guys , i found it be achieved by snapshot